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This post was originally published here by  Nat Kausik.

Yesterday, we hosted the IT architecture team from a large european financial institution.   They contacted us a few weeks ago, and asked to visit.  Was skeptical that they would actually show up, but they did.    Since it was our annual SKO, much of the company was offsite, leaving me to field the visitors.  

Turned out to be a delightful conversation with a very educated customer.  They had already done the ShadowIT discovery exercise with another vendor, and decided it did not address the problem of migrating to the cloud securely.    Then they tried a couple of other CASBs .

  • One from a large incumbent that was entirely API-based and delivered Monday morning alerts on data leakage events after they occurred.   Not useful to a financial services company where data has material value and real-time protection before data-leakage is a must.  
  • The other was agent-based, required configuration on every device and proved entirely impossible to deploy even at pilot scale.  Specifically, the agent-based product required enumerating every domain of every sanctioned cloud application, and configuring their Secure Web Gateway proxies at each branch and campus to route traffic to those domains appropriately.

Finally, the customer had called a large analyst firm, who directed them to Bitglass.   

  1. No agents:  Check
  2. Interoperability with SWG: Check
  3. SaaS encryption and data residency: Check
  4. KMIP key management: Check
  5. DRM support: Check

Global customers with tens of thousands of users deploy Bitglass in 30 days owing to our unique agentless, real-time data protection technology.

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