Rhysida Ransomware targets Sony Insomniac


Sony has initiated an inquiry into a security breach affecting its game developer division, ‘Insomniac Games.’ The investigation has confirmed that the incident resulted in the unauthorized access and leakage of employee information, as well as details related to upcoming game designs and coding. Among the victims is Yuri, the voice behind the character Peter Parker in Spider-Man 2, whose Passport details were compromised.

The full extent of the situation is still under examination, as the severity of the breach is yet to be determined. The responsible criminal group, known as Rhysida, has further substantiated their claims by releasing a screenshot of the upcoming Wolverine Game.

This isn’t the first time Sony Entertainment has been targeted; a similar attack occurred in May of this year, primarily exploiting a vulnerability in MoveIT software.

Recognizing the gravity of the cyber threat, the US Department of Justice, in collaboration with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure department, issued an alert to all government organizations. The advisory recommends reinforcing security infrastructure through the implementation of Multi-Factor Authentication and raising awareness among employees about the current cyber threat landscape.

Meanwhile, the Rhysida Ransomware group has issued a 7-day ultimatum to Insomniac staff. Failure to pay the ransom of BTC 50 within the specified timeframe will result in the public release or sale of all stolen data on the dark web.

Interestingly, the criminals have assured that upon successful payment recovery, all stolen data will be promptly deleted from their servers. They have also added a peculiar note, stating that potential bidders for the data will be served with a one-time transaction, with no subsequent resale of the information permitted….pure business ethics…ahh!

Naveen Goud
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