Russia Killnet Hacking Group disrupts US Air Travel websites

Russia funded Killnet Hacking Group has disrupted several US Air Travel websites yesterday, including the ones operating for two busiest airports. The Attack was DDoS related and led to the downtime because of overwhelming internet traffic that became unmanageable by the servers.

Both and websites were severely hit by the digital assault. However, the attack did not affect the operations at the airport/s.

List of airport websites hit by the Distributed Denial of Service attack are Atlanta International, Montgomery, Alabama, Los Angeles International, Long Beach, California and Estimates are in that the IT staff of at least 13 of the websites recovered from the incident, among 19.

However, it is unclear on why the kremlin funded cyber criminals failed to infiltrate websites related to O’Hare International Airport and Midway International.

Now to the passengers who have scheduled their air-travel for this week, here’s a news-bit. All affected airports are functioning normally and the recovery of the affected websites is underway. Ticket booking through website might take a slight hit on Tuesday. Rest all services will be operated on a perfect note. Killnet has divulged on its Telegram channel it will post more details about its potential targets from Tuesday this week.

NOTE- Killnet is the same group that disrupted the nuclear power infrastructure in Ukraine in May this year. However, the cyber army of Kyiv, in association with UK’s NCSC, neutralized their attacks scientifically. Another hacking group named ‘Anonymous’ is behind Killnet and has pledged that it would down the entire digital infrastructure of the kremlin funded cyber army by November this year, and the only exception given to Russia is to stop the war with Zelensky led nation.


Naveen Goud
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