A 50% increase in cyber attacks year on year

According to a research carried out by Check Point Research, a 50% rise in cyber attacks is being witnessed year on year and the target points were mostly touted to be the organizations operating in education/research and military or government sectors. Security researchers claim from their analysis that the year 2021 witnessed the highest volume […]

Top 7 Ransomware Attacks of year 2021

1.) REVIL ransomware spreading gang targeted Kaseya software company through a vulnerability and disrupted their business operations in July 2021. The notorious gang of threat actors reportedly demanded a $70 million ransom. However, the company did not bow down to the demands of hackers and recovered their data by other means. 2.) Accenture was hit […]

Serious probe on T-Mobile Cyber Attack 2021

We all known that a few weeks ago, American Telecom Giant T-Mobile experienced a cyber attack in which data related to over 54.6m individuals was exposed to hackers and that includes information such as addresses, names, DoBs, phone numbers, social security numbers, driving license details, IMEI numbers, IMSI numbers and some credit card info related […]

Internet in New Zealand disrupted due to a DDoS Cyber Attack

A Distributed Denial of Service attack shortly known as DDoS resulted in the disruption of internet services across New Zealand leading to shut down or temporary closure of businesses from afternoon today, i.e. September 3rd,2021. Reports are in that Internet Service provider Vocus, which operates Flip, Stuff Fibre, Slingshot and Orcon was targeted by a […]

Year 2021 witnesses over 304.7 million Ransomware attacks so far

SonicWall Cyber Threat report has confirmed that the year 2021 witnessed a record number of ransomware attacks in just 6 months, taking the number to 304.3 million; double than what was observed in the first six months of 2020. The network protecting firm stated that the cyber criminals sped up the attacks on corporate networks […]

Record 300 million Ransomware Attacks in first half of 2021

According to a report released by SonicWall, over 300 million ransomware attacks were observed in the first half of 2021, surpassing 2020s total of 302.73 million. And the highlight of the find is that the month June 2021 alone witnessed a record new high of 78.4 million file encrypting malware than compared to April and […]

Data leak of over 533 million Facebook users

Facebook data of over 533 million users has been discovered on a hacking forum by Alon Gal, the Chef Technology Officer of Cybersecurity firm Hudson Rock who added that the leak could spell trouble to the social media giant as it could face harsh penalties from the data watchdogs across the world. Leaked information includes […]

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