Google makes its Android phones as Physical Security keys for added cybersecurity

Google, the America based internet juggernaut has made it official that it is going to use all it’s android version smartphones running on Android OS version 7 or above as physical security keys which offer 2-factor authentication for users to log into their respective accounts in a secure way. Yes, you’ve read it right! In […]

Facebook Mobile Security authentication creates cyber attack vulnerability

To all those who have updated their mobile number on Facebook for 2-factor authentication (2FA), here’s an update which needs your attention on an urgent note. Security researchers have found that the said mobile security feature is, in fact, offering a loophole for hackers to intercept a user’s profile, regardless of the security setting preferences […]

Fresh SamSam Ransomware attack campaign targets 67 organizations

SamSam Ransomware was found hitting organizations operating in the US again and this time mostly those belonging to healthcare. A survey conducted by Symantec discovered that at least 67 organizations were hit by the said data locking malware this year, with 61 of attacks reported in the US alone. Just a minute number of attacks […]

Youtube and Twitter to go with FIDO U2F keys for User Security

In order to take down fake and abusive content from their respective platforms, YouTube and Twitter are willing to opt FIDO U2F Keys by early next year. But security analysts suggest that the implementation of such high-security standards will take a lot of time and will also need user/s endorsement which is not possible in […]

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