India witnesses biggest data breach of Aadhaar details via ICMR

Aadhaar, the unique identification number issued to every Indian citizen, has recently made headlines for all the wrong reasons. There are alarming reports suggesting that the personal information of approximately 815 million citizens was illicitly accessed by hackers through the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) website, which maintains records of Covid-19 vaccination details for […]

Cyber Attacks that impacted billions and millions of online user accounts

In recent times, our focus has been on reporting the aftermath of cyber attacks and the challenges faced by their victims. In this article, we will shift our attention to the cyber attacks that have left a significant impact on millions and billions of online accounts. 1.) Yahoo: Back in September 2018, Yahoo, a pioneer […]

India seeks hackers help to protect UIDAI Aadhaar Data of Citizens

Aadhaar is a unique identification number given to each citizen of India and is a replica of the social security number applicable to the American populace. The Indian government has assigned the duty to protect the Aadhaar data of its citizens to the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) which handles the implementation, association, and […]

US Firm says 110,000 Indian Aadhaar IDs are now available on Dark Web

US Cybersecurity firm Cyble claims that it has discovered a 90GB data dump on the dark web which contains details of more than 110,000 Indian National IDs in the form of Aadhaar details on the dark web. However, the company has clarified that the hackers could have gained the Aadhaar details from a non-governmental source […]

IOC Indane leaks Aadhaar details of 6.7 million Indian Citizens

A security researcher named Baptiste Robert has claimed that he has access to sensitive data of over 6.7 million Indian citizens after he hacked the database of Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) which stored the Aadhaar details of its users. Indane happens to be the second largest gas supplier in India after Hindustan Petroleum (HP). It […]

Google takes the blame for India UIDAI Aadhaar data controversy

Google has taken the blame for the Indian UIDAI Aadhaar Data goof up and admitted that it pushed the Aadhaar helpline number into the contact lists of the phones to help the Indian Populace. At the same time, the internet juggernaut clarified that the coding of the helpline number into the mobile phones was not […]

French Hacker transcends Aadhaar UIDAI helpline number to millions of Android phones in India

French hacker named Robert Baptiste, who tweets with pseudonym Elliot Anderson has once again proved that nothing can be concealed from the hacking world. The latest controversy which is supposed to be created by him or is supposed to involve him in one way or the other proves this instance to the core. It’s said […]

Indian Prime Minister challenged by French Security Expert for Aadhaar details

Indian Prime Minister Shri Narender Modi was challenged by a French security expert named Elliot Anderson for sharing his Aadhaar details i.e. only if he has one. The challenge comes just after the exposure of certain sensitive details like passport number, email ID, PAN number, alternative phone number, WhatsApp picture profile photo and mobile number […]

Qualcomm warns India on Mobile Security

The Indian government is now encouraging a digital mode of payments after demonetizing its undervalued currency a month ago. But noted chipset maker Qualcomm said that none of the mobile banking, digital payments and e-wallets applications offered in India are secure with regards to cyber security. San Diego-based Qualcomm feels that all those mobile banking […]

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