Elon Musk says AI Machines could launch their own Cyber Attacks

As the fear of AI machines grips most technologists, Tesla’s chief’s latest words are playing the role of a catalyst to intensify the buzz. Speaking during a conference at SpaceX’s Starbase Facility, Elon Musk expressed fears that robots might launch cyberattacks on themselves in the near future, potentially causing deep trouble for humans if we […]

AI being used for destruction by China

China is using Artificial Intelligence technology for destruction and the latest developments stand as the best example to explain it in deep. Beijing has started using an AI developed Warship design program that enables the technical guys draw a complex design of a warship in just 12-15 hours, unlike 16 months of hardship, seen without […]

Apocalypse with Artificial Intelligence is near with Microsoft AI powered ChatGPT

Yes, what you’ve read is right! Within a few years, the technology of Artificial Intelligence(AI) could bring-in the doomsday and kill the entire humanity. And these are not the words analyzed by either Twitter chief Elon Musk or Apple CEO Tim Cook. Recently, a man was seen trying out a chatbot developed for new BING […]

Google announces to launch conversational AI to its Search Engine

Google has made an official announcement that it will add conversational AI to its search engine capabilities, thus answering complicated questions in a quicker way. Artificial Intelligence propelled answers will be more knowledgeable, intelligent and creative and will be available in a fraction of a second. Alphabet Inc’s CEO Sundar Pichai called the experimental web […]

Artificial Intelligence now allows to speak to dead ones

Did you ever imagine that you can speak to your deceased near and dear one day? If nott, here’s a way to do so- all thanks to the technology of Artificial Intelligence(AI). According to a development made by California based company HereAfterAI, people can now chat, talk or video chat with the dead loves ones […]

AI Robot lawyer to assist clients in UK Court Cases

The next time you are about to hear a court hearing in the UK, you better be aware that a company is offering a service for free where an Artificial Intelligence robot can guide you in what to say in the court via an earpiece. Yes, what’ve read is absolutely True! A company named DoNotPay […]

Hackers using AI Hologram to conduct identity theft

Hackers are now using AI deepfake technology to impersonate C level employees of tech firms to dupe meeting respondents and the latest to fall victim to such a digital attack was a senior official of Binance, a company that is into the trading of cryptocurrency. Patrick Hillmann, the Chief Communication Officer (CCO) was surprised to […]

An AI algorithm developed to see through walls

Israel has developed a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) based algorithm that can see through walls and what is happening behind the doors. Camero-Tech is the company that has designed Xaver 1000 algorithm and is interested in developing the tech with precision in coming years. Actually, the whole concept has been in development for many years […]

AI Demon scares Google Employee

A suspended Google employee named Blake Lemoine, 41, said that a newly invented AI tool in his former company was acting sentient and was speaking some scary words. Mr. Blake said that an artificial intelligence tool called LaMDA that was under development was speaking like an 8-year-old and occasionally saying that if he shuts him […]

NVIDIA offers Medical Computing Platform with Artificial Intelligence

NVIDIA has made it official that it is offering an AI computing medical platform that will help medical device hardware process information swiftly. Like image processing, genomics, and the development and deployment of smart sensors. NVIDIA Clara Holoscan MGX platform is the name and it will from now on provide medical grade reference architecture and […]

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