Adaptive Shield Launches SaaS Security for AI at RSA Conference 2024 to Mitigate GenAI Revolution Risks

New capabilities help security teams secure the SaaS AI ecosystem amid increasing adoption of AI tools, functionalities Adaptive Shield, the leader in SaaS Security, announced breakthrough SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) detection and response capabilities for AI-driven applications to enable enterprises to mitigate the risks introduced by the growing use of generative AI. The workforce […]

Data privacy and security become most worrisome for AI adoption decision makers

Decision makers keen on integrating AI tools into their operations are expressing concern over data privacy and security. This sentiment extends to their cautious approach towards embracing generative AI, as revealed by a study conducted by Coleman Parkes Research, sponsored by SAS, a leading data analytics firm. Despite the allure of increased productivity promised by […]

The Drive Behind AI Companies Developing Their Own Processors: Safeguarding Data Security

In the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), the quest for innovation and efficiency is relentless. One notable trend gaining traction within the AI industry is the development of custom processors tailored specifically for AI applications. This shift is not solely driven by performance optimization but also by the paramount importance of data security. Data security […]

Google workspace to use AI for Data Security

Google has recently announced a significant upgrade to its Workspace platform, integrating cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to enhance meetings and bolster data security. With this advancement, Gemini, Google’s AI-powered assistant, is set to revolutionize the experiences of over 3 billion users, offering seamless support for their daily tasks and video content creation. One of […]

Exploring SASE and SSE Roadmaps with the Two Taylor Swifts of the Decade – AI and Quantum

[By John Spiegel, Director of Strategy, Field CTO, Axis Security] Exploring the SASE and SSE landscape is a daunting task.  With over 30 vendors in the space, each with a point of view, it is easy to get lost in both the technical and marketing aspects of the frameworks.  But SASE and SSE are critical […]

AI-Fueled Cyber-Attacks: A Growing Threat to Critical Infrastructure

In recent years, the landscape of cyber threats has evolved dramatically, with the emergence of AI-powered attacks posing new and formidable challenges. MIT security researchers have made significant strides in simulating cyber-attacks capable of triggering physical damage to vital infrastructure, raising serious concerns about the potential for widespread disruption and destruction. The COVID-19 pandemic serves […]

Russia develops an AI Cyber Threat Tool to put a jolt in US democracy

Amidst growing concerns over cyber warfare, reports have surfaced regarding Russia’s advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) for spreading misinformation. Under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, Russia has allegedly developed sophisticated AI-based cyber tools aimed at manipulating news narratives, with potential implications for the upcoming US elections in November 2024. The revelation first came from Ukraine, […]

Data Security concerns make US Cloud Companies impose ban on China AI Training

The Biden Administration, responding to requests from various think tanks, has implemented a ban on the utilization of resources from U.S. Cloud Companies by China for AI training purposes. This mirrors a similar move made by China under the leadership of Xi Jinping since October 2023. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo issued a formal statement, underscoring […]

Google Play Protect, its Chrome $5 billion lawsuit and replacing 30K jobs with AI

Google, the ubiquitous web search giant deeply ingrained in our daily lives, has unveiled plans to usher in a new era by replacing over 30,000 jobs with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. This strategic move aims to enhance operational efficiency and improve customer service on a global scale. Anticipated to roll out by November 2024, this […]

China stealing AI feed data from America for Spying

As per a report featured in the Wall Street Journal, there has been a notable surge in China’s illicit acquisition of extensive datasets designated for training Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools in the United States. The apparent objective behind this activity is to conduct mass surveillance on millions of Americans by constructing detailed profiles based on […]

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