News about Facebook Data Breach and FBI alert on Akira Ransomware

Facebook Faces Data Breach Concerns Facebook, the social media giant founded by Mark Zuckerberg, has once again found itself under scrutiny due to reports of a significant data breach. A recent disclosure by the India-based non-profit organization known as the ‘CyberPeace Team’ revealed that data belonging to over 100,000 users has surfaced on an information-sharing […]

Ransomware news trending on Google

1.) A ransomware group known as “Play” has recently issued a concerning statement. They have threatened to release the personal details of more than 8,600 Dallas County employees on the dark web unless their ransom demands are met. To add weight to their threat, the hackers have shared several screenshots that display personal information belonging […]

Ransomware news trending on Google

In a recent report by Check Point software technologies, it has been revealed that Microsoft’s AI-based chat platform, ChatGPT, has demonstrated the ability to generate ransomware, in addition to creating SEO-friendly content and codes. This discovery underscores the dual nature of Artificial Intelligence technology, as it can be both beneficial and risky depending on the […]

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