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APT29 moves from Government infrastructure towards Cloud Service Providers APT29, also known as Midnight Blizard or Cozy Bear and associated with Russian Intelligence, appears to have altered its approach from targeting government infrastructure to focusing on cloud service providers. This strategic shift is driven by the increased challenges posed by law enforcement efforts against infiltrations […]

Russia using Dropbox and Google to deliver malware to government firms

Russian threat actors group dubbed Cozy Bear Aka APT29 or Cloaked Ursula is found spreading malware to government agencies and businesses through Google and Dropbox storage services. Between May and June this year, the initial targets of APT29 were western diplomats and those leading foreign embassies. They were sent emails that mimicked content related to […]

Russia Cozy Bear targets US Federal Agencies similar to Ukraine 2017 Cyber Attack

In June 2017, many of the banks, energy producers, local networks and state-owned media agencies in Ukraine were targeted by a malware oriented cyber attack from a hacking group named Cozy Bear aka APT29. A detailed probe launched later proved that the group was being backed by Foreign Intelligence Service belonging to Russia, and the […]

Russia ‘Cozy Bear’ Cyber Attacks COVID 19 research of US, UK, and Canada

All these days, we have seen media speculations on China that the said Asian country was allegedly launching cyberattacks on various research labs located across the world to steal data related to COVID 19 research and developments.   Early today, Britain’s GCHQ Cyber Arm NCSC has issued a press statement stating that ‘Cozy Bear’ aka […]

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