Australian companies to pay hackers for launching cyber attacks

Australian government is all set to release a new portfolio of rules that order companies pay hackers for launching cyber-attacks. But the whole activity has a hidden twist in it as only ethical hackers will be rewarded under the ‘bug bounty’ program and they will receive a reward for letting the companies know about the […]

Australia takes a vow to hack the hackers

After a cyber attack on national telecom operator Optus and Insurance company Medibank, the Australian government has hacked the hackers in order to bring them to knees. Australian Cybersecurity Minister Clare O’Neil will take a decision on this note and news is out that the government wants to take serious action against state funded hackers […]

No more ransom payment in ransomware spread say Australia

Australian government has imposed a ban on ransom payments in cyber attack incidents as it fears that such payments can encourage crime affecting millions of populaces at a time. Already, from the past two months, the IT infrastructure owned by the government agencies such as telecom and insurance are being constantly targeted by state funded […]

Data Breach of Victorian Populace in Australia taken seriously

Data of Australian Victorian Populace appears to be exposed, as a technology company managing and serving was infiltrated by hackers on Wednesday last week. PNORS Technology Group, is the company that witnessed a compromise of its computer network recently, apparently spilling sensitive details to hackers. PNORS owns about 5-companies and information is out that hackers […]

Australia looking to hike penalties on companies experiencing data breaches

After Optus, Medibank and SingTel data breach, the government of Australia seems to have taken information leaks seriously, as it is soon going to introduce a proposal that aims to increase the penalties on companies that experience data breaches from now on. As companies are failing to take security measures to protect their user information, […]

Optus Australia suffers serious data breach after Cyber Attack

Optus aka Singtel Optus PVT Limited has apparently suffered a cyber attack resulting in the leak of personal information of customers that includes names, date of births, phone details, and email addresses. Unconfirmed sources say that the attack is deep than what is being reported as some customers even had their passport and driving license […]

Aoquin Dragon from China hacking Australian Government Servers

A newly detected hacking group named Aoquin Dragon from China has been found infiltrating servers from Southeast Asia and Australia. And what’s interesting about this is that the Advanced Persistent Threat(APT) group of actors has been indulging in cyber attacks since 2013 and has reportedly gathered tonnes of classical evidence that can be used against […]

Western Australia to invest AUS $25.5 million to bolster state cyber security services

The Government of Western Australia has pledged to invest Aus $25.5 million to bolster the state’s Cybersecurity services. And the funding will come from the available Aus$500 million financial help related to Digital Capability Fund meant to bolster the state’s current cyber capabilities of intelligence exchange, prevention, detection and response to cyber threats. Sources report […]

Australian electric grid vulnerable to Cyber Attacks via Solar Panels

Because of some vulnerabilities in solar panels and smart devices, security experts state that the Australian Electricity Grid is becoming super vulnerable to cyber attacks. And Russia could use such flaws to infiltrate networks and shut down the functioning of the grids leading to blackouts on a partial or complete note. Cyber Threat warnings were […]

Australia and United States enter a Data Sharing CLOUD Agreement

Australia has agreed with the United States to share digital data that will ease the investigation of cyber crimes that include ransomware attacks, terrorism, cyber extortion, child ab$se and banking related frauds that include crimes involving cryptocurrency. The Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data (CLOUD) Act, that was passed by Congress in 2018, endorsed the […]

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