FTC slaps Avast with $16.5m penalty for selling browser data

It’s indeed concerning when cybersecurity solutions meant to protect users’ privacy end up compromising it instead. The case of AVAST highlights the importance of transparency and accountability in the handling of user data. Users trust these companies to safeguard their information, and any breach of that trust can have serious consequences. In a recent development, […]

Top 8 trusted cybersecurity companies in the world

As soon as the government of the United States announced a ban on Russian security software provided by Kaspersky, all the system administrators working across the world searched for the most trusted cybersecurity software companies in the world. Here’s an article that throws some light on this issue and will help in providing the best […]

UK Markets authority concerned about NortonLifeLock and Avast acquisition deal

UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has expressed its concern about NortonLifeLock and Avast acquisition deal as it cuts down competition and will lead customers with no other choice rather than to obey the rules put forward by the company. It has to be notified over here that in August 2021, NortonLifeLock expressed its opinion […]

Avast Cybersecurity firm pulls out its operations in Russia

Avast, the Cybersecurity firm from Czech, has announced that it will pull out its company operations in Russia and will stop the sale and marketing of its products in Russia and Belarus, with immediate effect. It is unclear whether the security firm has pulled down the support of its products operating in the Putin-led nation […]

Norton acquires Avast for $8 billion

In what could be the highest acquisition bid for this year, in the field of Cybersecurity, US firm Norton has acquired Czech republic-based Cybersecurity firm Avast for $8 billion. Trade analysts state that the deal was propelled as the demand for the security software has surged because of the COVID-19 pandemic induced online activity. As […]

Best Mobile Security Apps for iOS and Android devices

In the world of smart phones, no one wants their devices to struggle with security incidents, and this is where Mobile Security apps prove handy. For those who want such solutions to monitor their devices, here’s a list of best mobile security apps helpful in defending Android and iOS devices from cyber attacks. Avast Mobile […]

Cyber Threats can target 1 in 5 home PCs operating across the world

According to the intelligence gathered from Avast Threat Detection Database, one in five home PCs operating across the world are vulnerable to cyber threats. The Global Risk Report 2019 which uncovers the digital threats luring on home and business PCs has stressed on the fact that home users of Win 7,8 and 10 Personal computers […]

ZTE phones have pre-installed malware says the report

As Homeland Security on the orders from US President Donald Trump is investigating the issue of whether ZTE phones/ devices are being used by the manufacturer for cyber espionage activities, a new report emerged early this week claims that the phones of the said manufacture come with pre-installed malware which transmits data stored on the […]

Facebook, Microsoft, and Dell sign Cyber Attack pledge

Microsoft, Facebook, Dell and 37 other companies operating in the United States have signed a Cyber Attack pact pledging not to assist offensive government cyber attacks. That means, even if the government of United States desires to launch cyber attacks on the critical infrastructure of its enemy nations ( like Russia, China, and North Korea), […]

CCleaner Cyber Attack targets only Telecom firms!

A Cyber Attack on a recent version of CCleaner is said to have compromised more than 2.27 million accounts. But as per the details available to our Cybersecurity Insiders, the hackers were intending to target telecom equipment companies from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the United States. And so the attack could not affect the […]

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