EASA Alerts Airlines Amid Suspected Cyber-Attacks on UK-Bound Flights

European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has issued a cautionary alert following reports of cyber-attacks targeting flights bound for the United Kingdom. These incidents have raised serious concerns regarding the safety and security of air travel, prompting EASA to advise airlines and flight crews to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions. According to EASA, some […]

Hackers targeting aviation industry with sophisticated malware from years

According to a research conducted by Proofpoint, cybersecurity researchers have been targeting the servers operating in aerospace and defense sector with a Trojan malware and the hacking group behind the incident has been dubbed as TA2541. Interestingly, the malware campaign has been active since 2017 and compromised over 1100 organizations operating across North America, Europe […]

Airlines under constant threat of Cyber Attacks says Eurocontrol Data

From the past few months, most of the commercial airlines have witnessed a dip in their profits- all due to the fast spreading corona virus pandemic injected global shutdown of air travel. Adding to this torment is a report released by Eurocontrol that says that most of the airliners are facing the constant threat of […]

Aviation industry is extremely vulnerable to Cyber-threats

Las Vegas which hosted Def Con witnessed some of the innovations at the Aviation Village which also allowed white hackers to test their skills on airplane electronic devices and controls. A security consultant named Ken Munro working for Pen Test Partners said that the aviation industry has become super vulnerable to cyber threats as hackers […]

Europe fails to curb cyber attacks on Aviation Industry

Europe has failed to curb cyber attacks on Airline operators, Aircraft manufacturers and authorities related to the aviation industry. And that’s due to the poor understanding of the threat severity by officials related to the government of EU and substantial differences within the industry. However, the good news is that officials and private sector are […]

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