Ransomware criminals target backups for assured ransom

In recent times, the importance of maintaining efficient data backups as a defense against ransomware attacks has been repeatedly emphasized by security experts and law enforcement agencies. However, what happens when even these backups fall victim to encryption or deletion? According to a report by Sophos, a prominent cybersecurity firm, a staggering 94% of organizations […]

Ransomware wiping out data on tape backups and malware hitting MYSQL Servers

Finland’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has issued a warning concerning a new wave of cyber threats, with hackers now deploying ransomware on Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliances and tape storage media, aiming to obliterate stored information. The Akira Ransomware group is suspected to be behind these attacks, having targeted approximately seven companies in December […]

Hornetsecurity Research Reveals Microsoft Teams Security and Backup Flaws With Nearly Half of Users Sharing Business-Critical Information on the Platform

 Most backup and security vendors overlook this vital communication channel 70% of respondents exchange more direct messages with colleagues via User Chats than Group Channel Conversations 45% send confidential and sensitive information frequently via Teams This rises to 51% often sharing business-critical information 48% of all respondents have accidentally sent Teams messages that should not […]

Is backup the only solution to block ransomware threats

Well, to a certain extent, yes, say security experts! As it helps in recovering data when any untoward situation arises. However, the data backup must be done technically and must be efficient enough to be help users recover from a cyber incident with minimal downtime and public embarrassment. Coming to the backup, there is a […]

WhatsApp starts offering password enabled encryption to user backups

From now on, all WhatsApp backups will be protected by a password enabled encryption method offering an extra layer of security protection to users from spying eyes. The Facebook giant’s subsidiary has notified to all its global iOS and Android users that it will provide a 64 digit key to secure the messages stored on […]

How to keep backed up data safe from ransomware attacks

We all know that most of the ransomware attacks take place on Windows environments and so security experts are recommending to use something other than the Microsoft giant propelled operating systems for data backups. However, the fact is that most popular backup products are developed to run primarily on the Satya Nadella led company’s software […]

How to protect your enterprise from Computer Viruses, Hackers, Spyware, and Ransomware

In the digital world, an SMB can simply be financially ruined with the help viruses, spyware, and ransomware spread by hackers. So, for such businesses, computer protection plays an equally important role on par with accounting and marketing. For this reason, Cybersecurity Insiders is offering some simple tips to help businesses protect themselves from ever-evolving […]

Hackers launch Cyber Attacks on the government Website of Fayette County

Hackers launched Cyber Attacks on the government website of Fayette County locking down staff from accessing email accounts. Michael King, the County’s IT Director reported that the email systems of the county witnessed a break-in last week perhaps to gain access in order to send spam email or to perpetuate malware such as ransomware. “I […]

Top 3 Myths about Ransomware- debunked!

UK’s National Cyber Security Centre and the National Crime Agency on a joint note have lined out the top 3 myths about ransomware which are prevailing in the cyber space world. And the debunked myths are as follows- Myth 1- Backup of data is enough to recoup all your stolen data- First CIO’s need to […]

Can ransomware infect Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

Generally, Ransomware infects any computer system on a network and then encrypts all the files and professional data that cannot be decoded until a ransom is paid to the hackers. But can the same malware infect Virtual Desktop Infrastructure? Technically speaking, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure- shortly known as VDI are hosts that secure desktop operating systems […]

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