Hacker destroys 18-years old data of VFEmail via Cyber Attack

Almost all data belonging to VFemail was reportedly destroyed in the hands of the hacker on Monday this week. The anonymous email services provider says that the attack was launched by a hacker active on darknet and identified as Aktv at the rate Cybersecurity Insiders has learned that the hacker destroyed the data of […]

Fresh SamSam Ransomware attack campaign targets 67 organizations

SamSam Ransomware was found hitting organizations operating in the US again and this time mostly those belonging to healthcare. A survey conducted by Symantec discovered that at least 67 organizations were hit by the said data locking malware this year, with 61 of attacks reported in the US alone. Just a minute number of attacks […]

Acronis offers free Ransomware Protection!

Acronis, a Switzerland based Cloud Software Company offering backups and disaster recovery related software has announced on an official note that it is offering a Free Ransomware Protection to the corporate world which is supported by an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Active Protection technology. The company claims that it’s free, battle-tested defense against ransomware has […]

Microsoft Azure Backups are now Ransomware protected!

Data Backups are turning into lifelines to businesses as they help firms to recover from data loss in the event of catastrophic disasters. But when we look at the new levels of ransomware doing the damage in 2017, one can easily get a feeling that it’s getting hard to keep the cloud-based backups isolated from […]

How to protect your business from Cyber Attacks!

The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) has recently issued an advice to all companies who want to keep themselves isolated from cyber attacks. CERT says that the best way to guard your business against hackers is to take the following precautions which will automatically boost your organization’s cyber security. 1.) Beware of emails- […]

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