Blacksuit Ransomware

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Greylock Mckinnon Associates Data Breach Exposes Sensitive Information of 340,000 Individuals A significant cybersecurity incident has affected a defense contractor contracted by the Department of Justice (DoJ), resulting in the exposure of sensitive data belonging to over 340,000 individuals. The impacted company, Greylock McKinnon Associates, headquartered in Massachusetts, detected the breach in February of this […]

Blacksuit Ransomware linked to Royal Ransomware

As per an advisory from the FBI and US-CISA, a forthcoming ransomware variant is set to enter the cybersecurity landscape, marking itself as a rebrand or offshoot of the Royal Ransomware gang, notorious for purportedly amassing around $275 million in 2022. This marks the fourth malware iteration linked to the Royal Ransomware lineage, joining the […]

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