Turkey hackers sneak into social media accounts of US Journalists

According to the latest alert issued by Cybersecurity Firm CrowdStrike, hackers being funded by Turkish government are said to be breaking into the social media accounts of many US journalists in order to sneak into their minds on the current political situation in the United States. As US Journalists use their respective social media accounts […]

France receives cyber attack warnings from its Watchdog

France has received an official warning from its country’s Watchdog ANSSI which says that the groups that hacked the US Democratic National Committee might also target its next year’s presidential elections. France Watchdog Chief, Guillaume Poupard has assured that the security teams are already monitoring and blocking attacks against French interests. He, however, said that […]

Government agencies in Saudi Arabia hit by Shamoon Malware

Shamoon Malware has hit government agencies operating across Saudi Arabia in November this year. This was revealed in a report prepared by US security firms CrowdStrike, Palo Alto Networks Inc and Symantec Corp. The security firms said that the newly emerged version of Shamoon virus has the potential to cripple entire PCs on a network. […]

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