Five Steps to Overcoming Cyber Complacency

[By Mike Toole, Head of IT and Security at Blumira] It’s no secret that news about breaches and cyberattacks emerge daily. As a result of this constant exposure, even the most dedicated professionals understandably experience “data breach fatigue” and become desensitized to persistent threats. This mentality can create new unseen risks detrimental to a company’s […]

5 Ways to Counteract Increasing Cyber Insurance Rates

[By Brett Bzdafka, principal product manager at Blumira] Businesses today face an ever-increasing number of cyberattacks on average, often posing potential financial impacts in the 7-figure range. Despite this threat, only 55% of organizations have some form of cyber insurance, and only 19% have coverage for cyber events beyond $600,000. The high cost of premiums, […]

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