Strengthening Corporate Cyber Defenses Against Botnets

In today’s interconnected digital landscape, the threat posed by botnets continues to evolve, presenting significant challenges to corporate cybersecurity. Botnets, networks of compromised devices controlled by malicious actors, can be utilized for various malicious activities, including distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, data breaches, and spreading malware. Strengthening corporate defenses against these sophisticated threats requires a proactive […]

Webcams, computers, and phones hit by cyber attack every 5 minutes

Netscout, a Massachusetts based cyber security services provider has discovered in its research that Webcams, computers, and smartphones are hit by cyber attacks every 5 minutes before a new device gets added to the network. The study says that the attacks were similar to that of Mirai; a malicious program that caused mayhem in 2016 […]

Most Google trended Cybersecurity keywords in 2018

As Donald Trump and the word ‘Idiot’ are currently trending the most on Google search engine, Cybersecurity Insiders brings to you the most searched keywords related to Cybersecurity which trended on Google in 2018. Cyptojacking- The word started to lead the trending list from May 2018 and is still said to be buzzing on the […]

Most Dangerous Cyber Security Threats of 2017!

In the world of Cyber Security, hackers are always busy circumventing various cyber defenses and Security companies are always found racing to react to these emerging cyber threats. Intel Security, in its latest report, has listed out the following as the new cyber security threats of 2017 and the list starts with- Ransomware- Holding organizations […]

Cyber Attack launched on 150,000 Printers working Worldwide

A Cyber Attack was launched on 150,000 printers operating on a global note by a hacker called Stackoverflowin. The good news is that the hacker did it for fun and to spread the awareness on how vulnerable are internet connected printers to cyber crooks. The bad news is that the hacker can turn serious and […]

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