Ransomware attack on Brazil Health Ministry

While the entire world is trying its best to contain the spike of the new Omicron COVID-19 variant, some hackers have targeted the database registered with the Brazil Health Ministry halting the process of vaccinating the public and stealing vital vaccination data since December 12th, 2021. Interestingly, the attack is the second in just a […]

Brazilian Trojan targets Britain Smartphones leading to Banking fraud

McAfee, the Cybersecurity firm from California has issued a warning to all android users in UK to beware of a Brazilian Trojan that is targeting smart phones leading to several banking frauds. The malware is seen lurking in the Google play Store as legitimate apps that gives remote access to hackers and siphons data from […]

Mobile security fears make governments look beyond iOS and Android devices

As hackers are getting busy in finding ways to intercept iOS and Android mobile devices, governments across the world are showing a lot of interest in looking beyond the said OSes to secure devices. Recently, the Russian government through its national operator Rostelecom acquired Aurora OS platform build on Finland based company Jolla’s Sailfish OS. […]

South America power outage could have been caused by a Cyber Attack

South American populace hailing from Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay were left in darkness for several hours on Sunday and that might have been caused by a cyber attack. But officials of electrical grids of the respective countries say that there is no authentic proof that the outage was caused by malware or other means of […]

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