Britain introduces IOT Device Security Legislation

A new legislation was introduced in the Britain’s parliament last week aiming to better protect IoT devices from sophisticated hackers. Dubbed as “The Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure(PSTI) bill, it requests those involved in the manufacturing of Internet of Things such as smart TVs, CCTVs, smart phones and fitness trackers; to follow basic standards while […]

Clop Ransomware gang leaks NHS documents due to ransom rejection

Russian Ransomware spreading gang CLOP has released some sensitive medical documents onto the dark web as its victim failed to pay a ransom of $3 million. The leaked records include phone numbers, house addresses, medical history, names and insurance details of several patients from law firms and local councils who visited GP practices & NHS […]

Britain to take a call on Computer Misuse Act

The law enforcement service of Britain is thinking of amending the Computer Misuse Act as they are in a helpless situation for not being able to infiltrate the networks of cyber criminals because of some outdated cyber laws. Already few of the British nationals have started a CyberUp campaign that will allow the security experts […]

UK to build $5 billion headquarters to retaliate offensive Cyber Attacks

All these days, Britain tried its best to remain calm against nations that were hitting its critical infrastructure constantly on a digital note. But now, the nation will not remain silent against the cyber warfare and has retaliated strongly. UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has announced that his nation will soon build a $5 billion […]

British schools to get free cybersecurity accessing tool

Schools operating in whole of Britain will get a free cyber security tool for free from September last week. The tool will be rolled out in a testing phase to help the educational institutes in accessing the robustness of their cybersecurity measures. Come January 2022, the tool will be available for a premium price that […]

UK Information Commissioner pronounced £42 million worth penalties on companies

UK’s Information Commissioner Office(ICO) has disclosed that it has slapped multiple penalties on companies that failed to protect the information of its customers from data breaches last year. And estimates are in that the amount could total around £42 million that includes the £20m penalty slapped on British Airways and Marriott Hotel Chain. According to […]

Obsolete computers in UK are failing to meet basic cybersecurity measures

In what could be a concerning issue, a recent survey has confirmed that the usage of outdated systems in UK is fetching a loss of £2.3 billion to the country’s economy as government departments are found spending huge in keeping the legacy systems alive. Also, the survey confirms that the legacy software used in various […]

Manual work is better than automated operations, suggests Kaseya Ransomware Attack

In this digital age, every company is interested in hiring new talent as it is more skilled to use the automated tools. Meaning those who are above 50 should either work for a very less pay or consider retirement…..isn’t it? But the Colonial Pipeline cyber attack that took place in May this year and the […]

Smart Homes in UK are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

A study taken up by a Privacy Concerning firm has revealed that the smart homes in UK could be exposed to over 12,000 hacking attempts every single week and could push whole of Britain into deep trouble within no time. Which?, an organization that fights for consumer privacy conducted a study in January this year […]

Cyber Threat to UK Populace from latest WhatsApp Scam

UK’s Law enforcement department has issued a fresh set to of warning to all UK populace who are using popular messaging service WhatsApp. The alert is related to a widespread scam that is targeting users on the said video and image sharing service. Going by the details of the scam provided by the British National […]

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