Hackers target over 330 Britons a minute, says research

Research conducted by Nord VPN says about 330 Britons are hacked every minute, i.e. one Brit, for every 0.2 seconds. Concernedly, the hacking has gone on a rampage and is increasing at epic proportions. In the past 12 months, one in ten people in the UK is falling prey to money thefts, bank account information […]

Russia Ukraine War ejects cyber attack concerns in the Britain

After the cyber attack on the British Army’s Twitter and YouTube feed, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has issued a warning against Russian hacking efforts on National Infrastructure. The cyber arm of GCHQ is urging organizations to give regular breaks to the frontline cyber workforce to recharge, as the work pressure will quadruple in […]

Hackers leak data of thousands of British School Pupils

A cyber gang has leaked data of thousands of British school pupils online and is also threatening to add more to the list, as almost all the 6 victims have chosen not to entertain the cyber criminals. Information is out that sensitive details such as passport numbers of children, their identity related documents, disciplinary statements, […]

Britain hospitals to be cyber attacked by Russian Sleeper cells

Dr. Melanie Garson, an international security specialist working for the University College of London, expressed her deep concerns about national security while interacting with a news web resource. She said that hospital infrastructure was on the verge of being cyber-attacked by Russian sleeper cells, whose aim is to disrupt the healthcare infrastructure and to create […]

Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

1.) The government of Britain has announced that it is going to sue United States-based Facial Recognition for Clearview AI Inc. for £7.5 million, as it was indulging in fraudulent activities to get user information without their prior consent. UK’s ICO has announced an investigation on this note and revealed that Clearview got and used […]

Cyber Attack and Ransomware news headlines trending on Google

1.) Conti Ransomware gang reportedly hit Parker Hannifin Corporation in March this year leaking sensitive details to the public. The company that is into the manufacturing of motion control products released a press statement yesterday, stating a breach of its systems in between March 11 and March 14th this year. Exposed details include personal info […]

UK National Cyber Security Centre launches Email Security Service

UK’s National Cyber Security Centre, shortly known as NCSC, has launched an Email Security check service that will help organizations identify cyber threats lurking in spoofed emails that can lead to data breaches. The newly released email security check tool dubbed ‘Mail Check Service’ doesn’t ask for any personal details or for a login. It […]

Now a Digital blue print to protect UK from Cyber Threats

As Cyber Threats seem to be ever growing, the UK government has devised a National Cyber Strategy aimed to protect the UK from the threats lurking in the current cyber world. In recent years, the businesses operating in UK have been constantly generating a revenue ranging anywhere between £6.5- £8.9 billion from over 46,700 skilled […]

Britain introduces IOT Device Security Legislation

A new legislation was introduced in the Britain’s parliament last week aiming to better protect IoT devices from sophisticated hackers. Dubbed as “The Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure(PSTI) bill, it requests those involved in the manufacturing of Internet of Things such as smart TVs, CCTVs, smart phones and fitness trackers; to follow basic standards while […]

Clop Ransomware gang leaks NHS documents due to ransom rejection

Russian Ransomware spreading gang CLOP has released some sensitive medical documents onto the dark web as its victim failed to pay a ransom of $3 million. The leaked records include phone numbers, house addresses, medical history, names and insurance details of several patients from law firms and local councils who visited GP practices & NHS […]

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