Financial data of about 42m Britons hacked last year

Reynolds Porter Chamberlain (RPC), an international law firm based in Britain, published some interesting facts on its survey conducted on Financial Frauds that took place last year. And as per the published material, financial data of nearly 42 million Britons was hacked last year. RPC researchers state the figures might vary as the recorded 42m […]

British cyber attack steals bitcoins from US Sports and Movie stars

An 8 member group of cyber criminals reportedly indulged in cyber crime involving cryptocurrency steal and personal information of many celebrities pertaining to Sports and Movie field of United States. The National Crime Agency(NCA) of United States that launched a probe in the incident last month found that an eight member gang of criminals hacked […]

British Watchdog to slap £1.25 Billion penalty on Facebook for recent Cyber Attack

Last weekend turned into a nightmare for Facebook users as their favorite social media platform officially disclosed that a cyber attack on its database could have leaked sensitive info of over 50 million users to hackers. As the investigation is still going on, the exact number of compromised accounts remains unclear and might be revealed […]

Vladimir Putin denies his country tried to hack the murder probe of Skripals Nerve Agent Attack

Russian President Vladimir Putin has denied the allegations that Moscow was trying to hack the murder probe of Novichok Poisonings and demanded to see evidence in this regard. The statement was given by Putin himself just after his meeting with US President Donald Trump in Helinski. Since, Thursday last week, prominent media sources have been […]

Britisher who launched Cyber Attacks on Lloyds and Barclays extradited

British National Daniel Kaye who launched cyber attacks on Lloyds and Barclays banks has been extradited from Germany to face charges in the UK. The alleged mastermind is facing charges for launching DDoS attacks and disrupting up to 20 million accounts. Daniel, 29, is also accused of attempting to blackmail the bank’s senior officials by […]

UK Government formulates new Cybersecurity Guidelines for Connected Cars

The British government has come up with a new set of guidelines to encourage automakers to prioritize cyber security standards in all of their future innovations. Last week, UK’s Transport Minister Lord Callanan announced the new set of guidelines which are supposed to be followed by auto makers on an immediate note. As autonomous and […]

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