How cars can pose a cyber threat to user privacy

In today’s interconnected world, the advent of smart cars has brought convenience and innovation to the automotive industry. However, with this connectivity comes a new set of cybersecurity challenges, particularly concerning user privacy. Modern cars, equipped with sophisticated onboard systems and internet connectivity, are susceptible to cyber threats that can compromise the personal data and […]

Data security concerns with Chinese cars and Ban on mass data being imported to China

Data security concerns with Chinese and other nation cars The security of data in cars from China and other nations has become a focal point of concern, prompting action from the United States government. President Joe Biden has signed an executive order empowering federal agencies to investigate potential data risks associated with Chinese and other […]

India to make CyberShield mandatory for Vehicles

India has emerged as a trailblazer in proactively addressing the looming threat of cyber attacks on domestically manufactured vehicles. This initiative aligns with guidelines established by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulation, setting a precedent for global cybersecurity measures in the automotive industry. The newly proposed regulations […]

Survey finds 4 in 6 drivers are selling cars without wiping data

When the drivers are selling cars in the UK they are doing it without wiping their data synced from their mobile devices and this was revealed in a survey conducted by UK’s testing and research firm ‘Which?’.   Therefore all this leaked personal information can act as a treasure trove allowing hackers to download the […]

A study on Cyber Threats to Automated Cars

Authorities in Japan are intending to launch a study on the cyber threats that could target self-driving cars. The research is meant to prepare the country’s law enforcement to deal with such attacks and keep the populace safe from any untoward incident. Self Driving cars are those which use internet access for navigation and Japan’s […]

Tesla Model S Key Fobs are vulnerable to hackers

Tesla, the American automobile company which produces electric cars is in news for all wrong reasons these days. News is out that Tesla’s Model S Key fobs are vulnerable to hackers as their encryption code is easy to guess and access. To those who aren’t aware of what the Tesla’s Key Fobs do, they are […]

Car Companies are now spying on their users through MID!

Almost all the renowned car makers like Honda, Toyota, Ford, GE, and Nissan are said to be keeping a track of their respective users by monitoring their driving habits. Details such as the speed, destination tracking, office location, transit experiences are now being monitored by the car makers which clearly constitutes a privacy breach. According […]

Cyber Attacks become a big hurdle for the development of Autonomous Cars

As hackers are becoming more sophisticated in launching cyber attacks, they are mostly aiming companies hailing from the tech sector. The reason, these companies have the potential to obey any/all sorts of demands put forward by the hackers. One such tech sector which is predicted to be adversely affected is the self-driving cars.  By 2020, […]

Connected Cars are vulnerable to Ransomware Attacks

A recent research conducted by Future of Automotive Security Technology Research (FASTR) has concluded that connected cars could be the next targets for ransomware hackers/developers. FASTR which technically acts as a consortium of automotive manufacturers, software makers for automotive industry and suppliers, discovered in its research that as soon as a connected car connects to […]

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