Ransomware attack money donated to two charities

“Darkside” a hackers group known to spread ransomware, has done something startling that not only surprised the security experts but the entire world. As per a report published on BBC yesterday, they donated bitcoins gained from companies through ransom to two charities- The Water Project and The Children International.   NOTE 1-The Water Project is […]

CryptoMix ransomware masquerades in Phishing Children’s Charity Program

Cyber Crooks have shown their malicious skills again by developing a new strain of ransomware and circulating it through a phishing children’s charity program. Cyber Security firm Covewave was the first to discover the fictitious activity and notify it to the world. So, kudos to its researchers! Sources reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders say that the […]

Charity based organizations in the UK are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

A recent survey conducted by UK based organizations which are into charity and philanthropic activities have confirmed that most of these organizations are vulnerable to cyber attacks. This report quotes that charities are at risk because they lack basic cyber defenses which are needed in today’s digital world and are often found to outsource such […]

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