Cybersecurity Incidents Making Headlines on Google

Panera Bread Falls Victim to Ransomware Attack: Panera Bread, a popular chain of restaurants, recently faced a significant setback as it was targeted by a ransomware attack leading to a week-long IT outage. The attack, which was identified on March 22, 2024, affected the organization’s virtual servers, encrypting crucial information and applications. Although Panera Bread […]

Interesting cybersecurity news headlines trending on Google

DDoS Attack via Compromised Smart Toothbrushes Disrupts Swiss Company’s Network A Swiss company recently faced a significant setback due to a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack orchestrated through compromised smart toothbrushes. With over 3 million devices affected, the attack resulted in millions of Euros in losses for the company. The smart toothbrushes, operating on […]

Cisco acquires Splunk for $28 billion

Cisco, a prominent player in the networking industry, has recently completed a significant acquisition by purchasing cybersecurity solutions provider Splunk for a substantial sum of $28 billion. This announcement was made public through the company’s PR division, shedding light on the transformative impact this move will have on their threat detection capabilities and revenue growth. […]

Cisco Introduces Automated Ransomware Recovery Solution for Enhanced Cybersecurity

In recent times, the rising threat of ransomware attacks has caused significant financial losses and severe disruptions to businesses. As companies struggle to recover from ransom payments, data recovery, and reputational damage, the need for effective solutions has become more pressing than ever. In response to this challenge, Cisco has unveiled an innovative automated ransomware […]

Cisco to acquire Valtix

Cisco, the networking giant that also into the business of cloud and Cybersecurity business, has announced that it is soon going to acquire Valtix, a start-up in the business of cloud security. Information is out that the deal might take place in May this year, while the financial terms remain undisclosed. “As Valtix Technology fits […]

Yanluowang Ransomware Attack on Cisco confirmed

In May this year, noted networking technology provider Cisco was targeted by a ransomware group that demanded millions to free up data from encryption. On August 10th 2022, Cisco released a press statement that the cyber-attack it experienced a few months ago was targeted by Yanluowang Ransomware Group, that has a history of stealing critical […]

Top 8 trusted cybersecurity companies in the world

As soon as the government of the United States announced a ban on Russian security software provided by Kaspersky, all the system administrators working across the world searched for the most trusted cybersecurity software companies in the world. Here’s an article that throws some light on this issue and will help in providing the best […]

Cisco to acquire Cloud Security startup Epsagon

Cisco, the American tech company that is renowned for selling networking equipment, has announced that it is going to acquire cloud security startup Epsagon for a price of $500 million. Thus, with the latest business purchase, Cisco is all set to step-up its Cloud based security business with a portfolio related to applications monitoring. Israeli-based […]

Cynet 2021 CISO Survey Reveals Need for SMEs with Small Security Teams to Rethink Cybersecurity Strategy

With Fewer Resources, Smaller Security Teams Forced to be Innovative in Dealing with Enterprise Threats   New York, NY – January 27, 2021 — Cynet ( today announced a new survey titled “2021 CISO Survey of Small Cyber Security Teams.” According to the findings in this survey, companies with small security teams, generally SMEs, are facing […]

Cisco announces merger with Acacia for $4.5 billion to strengthen its IOT base

Cisco, the computer networking giant of America, has announced a merger deal with optical Technology specialist Acacia for $4.5 billion. The plan of the former will be to use the technology acquired from the latter to strengthen its stand in the Internet of Things (IoT) world. After the deal, Cisco has announced that it will […]

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