Ransomware news trending on Google

In a recent report by Check Point software technologies, it has been revealed that Microsoft’s AI-based chat platform, ChatGPT, has demonstrated the ability to generate ransomware, in addition to creating SEO-friendly content and codes. This discovery underscores the dual nature of Artificial Intelligence technology, as it can be both beneficial and risky depending on the […]

Clop Ransomware gang strikes London Transport for London (TfL)

Clop ransomware gang has targeted the databases of Transport for London (TfL) customers, thus stealing information of over 13,000 drivers listed on the Ulez and Congestion Charges Repository. Clop is the same gang that struck MoveIT file transfer software last week and the TFL seems to be one of the impacted customers worldwide. And TfL […]

Cyber Attack news headlines trending on Google

First is the news about the compromise of a SAS network as hackers disrupted Scandinavian airlines computer network and accessed information related to thousands of customers. Karin Nyman, the in-charge spokesperson of SAS, stated that his company was working on remediating the effects of the digital attack and urged customers to stay away from the […]

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