Understanding the Various Types of DDoS Attacks and Their Implications

In today’s interconnected digital world, Distributed Denial of (DDoS) attacks have emerged as a significant threat to online businesses, organizations, and even individuals. These attacks can disrupt essential services, compromise sensitive data, and incur substantial financial losses. Understanding the different types of DDoS attacks and their associated concerns is crucial for effective mitigation strategies and […]

Is the fear of AI being overblown

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a buzzword that has gained significant traction over the past decade. Many experts predict that AI will transform industries and change the way we live and work. However, there is also a growing fear that AI will lead to the destruction of jobs, the concentration of wealth in the hands of […]

These five apps can wipe off all your Mobile Security worries

Smart Phones have become a necessity these days, but the security concerns they offer are many. Especially, the Pegasus software surveillance revelations have left many in the mobile world baffled. And the highlight in the discovery was a Saudi Prince using the NSO Group built software to spy on Amazon Chief Jeff Bezos and leaking […]

Top Cloud Security concerns are data leak and data loss

Synopsys Technologies, a California based Cybersecurity company has conducted a survey recently in association with our Cybersecurity Insiders and concluded that accidental data leak of credentials and data control topped as primary concerns in the minds of senior IT and security managers who were looking to reap in the benefits of cloud computing. The “2019 […]

How to keep your mobile banking apps secure

As banks operating around the world are showing a lot of interest in offering services at fingertips to their customers, security experts suggest that most of these banking apps are insecure and not that capable to mitigate the evolving threats in the cyber landscape. Although Cybersecurity Insiders hadn’t got an opportunity to audit all these […]

Google Android apps send private info of users to Facebook

In a surprising finding, Android apps are reported to be sending private information of users to Facebook servers- even if the user doesn’t have an official Facebook account. The apps which are indulging in such activities include Yelp, Indeed, Spotify, Duolingo, Skyscanner, Kayak and 23 other popular applications which have humongous amounts of downloads of […]

Is Google Chrome capturing political opinions

To all those who are using Google services like Youtube, Gmail, Maps, via Chrome browser here’s a quick update about the latest update which the internet search giant did not advertise to its user in any way till date. According to ZDNet, the latest Chrome 69 OS version of Google is triggering immense privacy concerns […]

Mobile Security breach makes Healthcare provider shell out $2.5 million penalty!

The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) has directed Pennsylvania-based wireless health services provider CardioNet to pay $2.5 million penalties for being negligent towards protecting patient data. Thus, the penalty of OCR- HIPAA Settlement’s happens to be the first of its kind in the history of wireless health service providers. On heading further into details, CardioNet […]

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