Top Cloud Security concerns are data leak and data loss

Synopsys Technologies, a California based Cybersecurity company has conducted a survey recently in association with our Cybersecurity Insiders and concluded that accidental data leak...

How to keep your mobile banking apps secure

As banks operating around the world are showing a lot of interest in offering services at fingertips to their customers, security experts suggest that...

Google Android apps send private info of users to Facebook

In a surprising finding, Android apps are reported to be sending private information of users to Facebook servers- even if the user doesn’t have...

Is Google Chrome capturing political opinions

To all those who are using Google services like Youtube, Gmail, Maps, via Chrome browser here’s a quick update about the latest update which...

Mobile Security breach makes Healthcare provider shell out $2.5 million penalty!

The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) has directed Pennsylvania-based wireless health services provider CardioNet to pay $2.5 million penalties for being negligent towards protecting...
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