Why containers are the future of cloud computing

This post was originally published here by gregg rodriguez. The role of containers in cloud computing will continue to grow as new cloud-specific apps are developed–primarily because they are a faster path to better applications. As containers become an essential component of modern IT infrastructure, the importance of container security also becomes more critical. Containers […]

Kubernetes Cloud Security is vulnerable to hackers

Security researchers have recently found out that Kubernetes cloud platforms have a big security bug which offers hackers the privilege to access the software applications running on the nodes. Note- Kubernetes is a software intuitive tool which offers easy management access to large numbers of containers similar to virtual machines running on multiple operating systems […]

Webinar: Are your containers compliant?

This post was originally published here by casey pechan. Our latest webinar helps you answer the question: are your containers compliant? And while your first inclination might be to immediately say “yes,” unless you’ve checked all the boxes listed in this webinar, you may have weaker compliance than you think! Containers usher in plenty of opportunities, […]

RedHat to acquire Cloud Security Startup CoreOS for $250 million

America Multinational Software Company RedHat which is also into cloud business is soon going to acquire cloud security startup CoreOS for $250 million. Industry analysts say that the acquisition will help the North Carolina based firm enable its customers to build an application and deploy them in any environment with the litheness afforded by open […]

5 tips to secure Docker containers for early adopters

This post was originally published here by alok ojha. Linux Containers, such as LXC & Solaris zones, have existed since the mid 2000s. However, containers weren’t widely used outside of large tech companies such as Google until Docker was first released at PyCon in March 2013 followed by the replacement of LXC with libcontainer as the default […]

Discovering Docker CVE-2017-14992 – Dynamite fishing for Moby

This post was originally published here by ash wilson. As you may have read in our Intel Octane SSD storage blog post, we’ve been deep into some exciting independent research here at CloudPassage. Our research has inspired us to explore and ask the question: What is the real danger of not following best practices when protecting […]

Containers 101 – What do you need to know?

This post was originally published here by shaane syed. Thanks to Docker, containers are now the future of web development. According to DataDog, 15% of hosts run Docker, which is significantly up both from the 6% of hosts running it at this point in 2015 and the 0% of hosts running it before it was released […]

Redlock saves organizations from $758 million data breach costs with its Cloud Security Intelligence

California-based company Redlock is offering Cloud Security Intelligence (CSI) which is capable of saving organizations from $758 million data breach costs. The company which offers security related to cloud infrastructure brings together an intelligence which is enriched by elite security analysts, data scientists and data engineers from corporations as large as Microsoft, Cognizant, Credit Suisse […]

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