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Indian government issues cyber crime alert in view of job offers

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs has issued a stern warning regarding a surge in cybercrime activities under the guise of fraudulent job offers. According to the government, a concerning number of young individuals are being enticed with false promises of employment opportunities, only to find themselves coerced into criminal activities upon arrival in Cambodia. […]

Cybercrime in Scotland upsurges like an Epidemic

Scotland’s police have officially declared a troubling surge in cyber crime within their jurisdiction, indicating a doubling of incidents compared to the previous year. This alarming trend is expected to escalate further in the coming months. The proliferation of technologies such as ChatGPT, which are being harnessed by criminals for online fraud and financial scams, […]

Cyber Crime fraudsters to make £80m during Christmas 2022

Cyber Crime, also synonymously referred to as online fraud, is reported to surge in this Christmas 2022 festive season and so online users are reported to lose around £80 million pounds over the next 10-15 days. UK’s Labour party conducted a survey and revealed the above stated stats as facts and warned that the number […]

Man accused of stealing funds from banking firms through fraud

A man named Idris Dayo Mustapha, a 32-year-old UK citizen, has been accused of stealing funds from financial institutions in the United States from 2011 to 2018. The man has been charged by a New York court with unauthorized computer intrusion, security fraud, wire fraud, and other digital crimes that account for $5m in losses. […]

Hackers planting cyber crime evidence onto devices of innocent computer users

In what seems to be the first of its crime detected in the cyber history, hackers are seen planting cyber crime evidence on computers of innocent online users who aren’t aware of the activity taking place in the background. Interestingly, though the online user has no link with the crime, it was found that some […]

Ransomware hits Grandparents and TikTok Scams target young adults

According to a research conducted by Avast, grandparents aged between in 55 to 64 are being targeted mainly by those spreading ransomware, tech support scams, spyware and botnets. Whereas, the younger generation was being hit by TikTok scams that mainly spread malware, spyware, adware and data, stealing Trojans to mobiles. The reason the older and […]

China hosts most of the DDoS attacks says report

China has emerged as a top nation to host the highest number of Distributed Denial of Service (DDos) attacks in recent past and is also a leading nation to launch modern cyber warfare. A report released by A10 Networks, a US based company offering software and hardware related application delivery controllers stated that China has […]

Cyber criminals earning £750m with insecure passwords

As most of the high street banks are showing a blind eye while providing online security to their customers, consumer watchdog ‘Which?’ states that it is paving a way for the hackers to earn £750 million each year. Also, the privacy advocating firm stated that its analysis has discovered major flaws in a few of […]

Over $27billion worth Cyber Crime prevented during COVID-19 Pandemic

According to a study made by security firm Bugcrowd, ethical hackers have prevented over $27 billion worth of cyber crime during the spread of Corona virus 2019. Bugcrowd’s Inside the Mind of a Hacker report compiled from the data collected in between May 1st, 2020 to August 31st, 2021 states that security vulnerabilities have increased […]

Report confirms that Australia is loosing billions of dollars to Cyber Crime

A report released by Australian Institute of Criminology(AIC) says that the populace of Australia is loosing billions of dollars every year to cyber-crime. When figures are taken into consideration, the report says that the total loss incurred through cyber crime was recorded as $3.5 AUD or $2 billion in USD. And the highlight is that […]

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