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Cyber Insurance demand fall as businesses bolster their cybersecurity infrastructure

Businesses are increasingly recognizing the critical need to enhance their cybersecurity defenses amid today’s evolving cyber landscape. Consequently, they are strategically investing in fortifying their existing infrastructure. This proactive approach has led to a notable decline in the demand for cyber insurance premiums across the UK. According to a study conducted by cyber insurance firm […]

Disadvantages of Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance provides financial protection for businesses in the event of a cyber attack. However, despite its benefits, there are several drawbacks to consider before committing to a policy. Here are some key disadvantages: Evolving Cyber Threats: The landscape of cyber threats is constantly changing as cybercriminals develop new tactics to exploit vulnerabilities. This poses […]

Five 5 benefits of having a cyber insurance cover on hand

In the age of digitization, securing IT assets through insurance coverage presents a challenge, particularly in convincing board members to allocate funds for cybersecurity. However, the investment yields significant benefits, as outlined below: Comprehensive Coverage: Cyber insurance shields businesses from various repercussions following a cyber attack, including financial losses, legal fees, and recovery expenses. It’s […]

Essential Tips for Claiming Cyber Insurance Coverage

In an era dominated by digital transactions and interconnected networks, the importance of cyber insurance cannot be overstated. Cybersecurity threats loom large, making it crucial for businesses to not only invest in robust preventive measures but also secure a comprehensive cyber insurance policy. However, the real test comes when a cyber incident occurs, and it’s […]

Report says no evidence that cyber insurance coverage makes victim pay more

Over the past two years, security analysts have been discussing the impact of cyber insurance on ransomware attacks. There have been claims that companies covered by cyber insurance end up paying higher amounts to hackers who launch such attacks. Tech platforms like Quora and Reddit have even allowed discussions on which cyber insurance covers attract […]

Insurance cover becoming impossible for Cyber Attacks

Insurance companies like Lloyd offer cyber insurance policies that cover a business from facing a business loss during a cyber-attack. However, in coming days, cyber attacks will become uninsurable, as per Mario Greco, the Chief of Zurich Insurance. Mario, who leads the Europe’s biggest insurance firms, predicted that digital attacks will lose their sheen with […]

Premium for Cyber Insurance has soared over the past few years

Cyber Insurance premiums are becoming dearer and the reason for such a rise is claimed to be sophistication in attacks that are making mitigation and recovery expensive. Most companies are showing laxity in following basic cyber security hygiene, leading to a surge in cyber-attacks and data breaches. Marsh’s Market Index shows the cyber insurance market […]

Lloyd’s excluding nation-state cyber attacks from Cyber Insurance

Lloyd’s London, one of the largest insurance services providers in the world, has disclosed that it is making amendments to its cyber insurance laws that will come into effect from March 2023. And as per the latest, all risks emerging from cyber attacks that are funded by nations will be excluded from the cyber insurance […]

What is not included in a Cyber Insurance Policy

Ever wondered what is covered and what is not in your Cyber Insurance Policy? If not, you better review the guidelines and inform all your C-level employees on strategies to cope with the losses that remain out of the cyber insurance cover. Next, any company offering a cyber policy will surely conduct a pre-check about […]

Cyber War now excluded from Cyber Insurance

For all those companies who are planning to renew their cyber insurance policy or are in a procedure to take one, here’s a piece of information that might interest you. Most of the Cyber Insurance companies have excluded ‘Cyber War’ consequences from their policies. And the term shall come into effect an immediate note, with […]

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