Cyber Risks

Don’t Overlook the Cyber Risks for Operational Technology

U.S. officials and private security experts have warned that this country’s physical infrastructure is being threatened by growing stealth attacks from sophisticated nation-state adversaries and criminal hacking rings. Hackers linked to a Russian military intelligence unit have taken credit for striking multiple water utilities in Texas already this year. Each time, the Russian attackers have […]

CFOs ignoring billions of dollars loss incurred through Cyber Risks

Chief Financial Officers aka CFOs are ignoring billions of dollars loss incurred through cyber risks and threats, says a survey. Interestingly, over 87% of survey respondents are over-confident that their companies can overcome any level of threats, although their current Cybersecurity posture was never tested to the core. The survey conducted financial risks evaluator Kroll […]

How to Use Your Asset Management Software to Reduce Cyber Risks

Source    Have you heard of the Colonial Pipeline incident?    The cyberattack on the company caused widespread panic throughout the United States and disrupted operations for days.    Yes, one lapse on a spam email, one inadequate password, one abandoned account, or a malfunctioning asset can cause havoc.   In fact, in the cybersecurity […]

How to secure a router from Cyber Attacks

Hackers nowadays are seen using routers as botnets to launch cyber attacks on large companies and organizations. So, in such circumstances, here are some steps that will help secure a router from cyber attacks.   Changing Passwords- It is better if you start changing your Wi-Fi password on an occasional note- say once or twice a […]

UK Security board offers limited assurance that National Risks from Huawei can be mitigated

Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation Center (HCSEC) which offers an official evaluation for the security of the Chinese company’s products used in United Kingdom’s telecom networks has offered a limited assurance that the national risks gained from Huawei can be smartly mitigated. The oversight board monitoring the Huawei equipment usage in the UK says that some […]

Considering a merger then keep your firm free from Cyber Threats

Security breaches are becoming common these days. But if you are planning for a merger, then you better keep your company away from such menace. Want to know why? In general, the process of combining two companies creates vulnerability because when the IT footprint increases some security lapses do creep in and when they are […]


This post was originally published here by  (ISC)² Management. By Kaya Kazmirci, Managing Director, Kazmirci Associates Kaya will be hosting the session Mobile Payment Systems: Disruptive Development and Cyber Risks at (ISC)² Secure Summit MENA, between 21st and 22nd November 2017. Two fundamental shifts in traditional payment methods are changing the landscape of spending. Emerging blockchain-based currencies and alternative payment channels […]

Assessing Critical Cyber Risks with UpGuard

This post was originally published here by Greg Pollock. Given the complexity of modern information technology, assessing cyber risk can quickly become overwhelming. One of the most pragmatic guides comes from the Center for Internet Security (CIS). While CIS provides a comprehensive list of twenty controls, they also provide guidance on the critical steps that “eliminate […]

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