Cyber Scam

Beware of this Cadbury Easter Egg cyber fraud

From the past two weeks, most of the Facebook and WhatsApp users are being targeted by a specific cyber scam where the fraudsters are posting details that a lucky winner will get an Easter basket packed with chocolate treats, if in case, they win a competition related to hunting down an Easter egg. As per […]

UK NCSC launches tool to flag scam emails for Microsoft Office 365 Customers

Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre has launched a special tool that will enable Microsoft Office 365 customers to flag scammed emails at just a click of a button. The service is already active since April this year and news is out that within months of its launch the NCSC has received over 6.5 million reports […]

Cyber scam targeted at owners of expensive Apple laptops

All you shoppers out there in UK using expensive Apple Laptops like MacBooks, you better be aware of the ongoing scams set up by retail outlets doing business in your area. News is out that some companies operating across Britain through a chain of retail outlets are using special Big Brother tactics to target users […]

Beware of this Royal Mail Cyber Scam

In the past couple of weeks, most of the populace living in the suburbs of London is complaining of a cyber fraud in which all their earnings were drained out by a Royal Mail text that had a malicious link. What’s interesting about the scam is that even the law enforcement cannot intervene in the […]

Britons be aware of the new Cyber Scam before Christmas

All you people out there excited to celebrate Christmas, you better be aware of the new cyber scam that is taking place in and around UK. From the past few weeks, some hackers are seen sending fake emails claiming to be from parcel services like DPD and Royal mail and asking recipients to provide a […]

Famous Instagram star Hushpuppi arrested for Cyber Scam

Instagram star Hushpuppi was arrested by FBI in a raid conducted on his apartment on June 10th,2020 for involving in a £350 million Cyber Scam. The Nigerian who often boasted about his lavish lifestyle on private jets and fancy vacations was caught by the US law enforcement agency in association with a police team led […]

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