Cybersecurity trends: Some rays of hope among the dark clouds

[By Dov Lerner, Cybersixgill] Cybersecurity veterans often have a pessimistic view of the industry’s trends: attacks seem to be always on the rise, threat actors become more sophisticated, and breaches grow costlier than ever to their victims.   I’m happy to note that there’s some good news for a change, as my company discovered while […]

The Cyber Threat Intelligence Paradox – Why too much data can be detrimental and what to do about it

[By Gabi Reish, Chief Business Development and Product Officer, Cybersixgill] In today’s rapidly expanding digital landscape, cybersecurity teams face ever-growing, increasingly sophisticated threats and vulnerabilities. They valiantly try to fight back with advanced threat intelligence, detection, and prevention tools. But many security leaders admit they’re not sure their actions are effective. In a recent survey1, […]

Five Cybersecurity Predictions for 2024

“Over the past year, we’ve witnessed significant developments in cybersecurity, including the emergence of generative AI and its ability to enhance organizations’ threat intelligence efforts, and the rise of Threat Exposure Management, a program of consolidation to identify and mitigate risk and strengthen cyber defense proactively,” said Sharon Wagner, CEO of Cybersixgill. “With these advancements, […]

Generative AI: Bringing Cybersecurity Readiness to the Broader Market

By Benjamin Preminger, Senior Product Manager, Cybersixgill “You can’t get good help nowadays.” The adage is true for many professions, but exceedingly so for cybersecurity. While cyber-attacks continue to grow in quantity and sophistication each year, most organizations are ill-prepared to defend themselves. That’s primarily because they lack the skilled professionals needed to handle the consistent rush […]

Dangers of Deep Sea Phishing – A Dive Into a Real-World Attack

By Michael Angelo Zummo, Threat Intel Expert – CybersixgillPhishing tools and services are common and accessible on the underground. We took a close look at one of them and discovered how easy it can be to launch a phishing scheme. Phishing is a type of cyberattack in which attackers attempt to deceive individuals into divulging […]

Firing the Vulnerability Disclosure Fire-Drill Mentality

Omer Carmi, VP of Threat Intelligence, Cybersixgill When I was in elementary school, we had a routine fire drill. The alarm bells would ring, and we were expected to drop everything and run outside as quickly as possible. As a young child, this was frightening, even upsetting, and we initially took it very seriously. The […]

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