Over 25 billion email address and phone numbers available on dark web and Putin hacking British Power Network

Precisely speaking, the heading is related to two different articles with different stories. The first one goes as follows: According to a study conducted by Digital Shadows Photon research team, and their report dubbed “Account Takeover in 2022,” about 25 billion email addresses and phone numbers, along with an equivalent number of credit card details […]

Australian citizen runs $220m dark web to sell stolen credit card info and malware 

In a coordinated operation run by the Australian Federal Police, the Scotland Yard, FBI, and Europol with a bit of support from the German Intelligence authorities, an Australian man accused of running a $220m dark web was caught by the police last week. The Queensland based citizen in discussion is known with a name Julian […]

A gist on Polymorphic Phishing Cyber Attacks

Polymorphic Phishing Cyber Attack is a kind of email phishing attack where malevolent emails are sent to multiple users with slight changes being made to the email such as modifying sender name, sender address, subject greeting, email body or signature. Ironscales, an Israel based Cybersecurity firm which was working on introducing an anti-phishing platform discovered […]

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