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How Data Fabric Architecture Helps Enhance Security Governance

Because of the growing complexities of enterprise IT infrastructure, the concept of “data fabric” has been attracting attention in recent years. As organizations expand and work with more information from growing numbers of sources, they need more efficient ways to access and manage their data in a secure manner.  This reality is reflected by the […]

Safeguarding Your Family: Strategies for Achieving Data Security

In an age where digital information is omnipresent, ensuring the security of your family’s data has become paramount. From personal finances to sensitive documents and cherished memories, the digital landscape is filled with valuable assets that require protection. Here, we explore actionable strategies to fortify your family’s data security and mitigate the risks associated with […]

The Quantum Security Challenge: Data Resilience Around the Unknown

In today’s digital age, safeguarding our systems and data is a monumental change. We have crafted intricate algorithms to encrypt and shield data through asymmetric cryptography frameworks, a strategy that’s served us well. Yet, the emergence of quantum computing looms as a potential game-changer in data security. The quantum computing market boom has sparked concerns […]

How to Safeguard Your Data Through Security Awareness Training?

Cyber threats are not only escalating in frequency but also growing more sophisticated, highlighting the indispensable role of cybersecurity awareness for both individuals and businesses. As cybercriminals employ increasingly advanced tactics, IT security awareness training becomes a pivotal defense mechanism. This training equips employees and individuals with crucial knowledge and skills to protect themselves against […]

The Drive Behind AI Companies Developing Their Own Processors: Safeguarding Data Security

In the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), the quest for innovation and efficiency is relentless. One notable trend gaining traction within the AI industry is the development of custom processors tailored specifically for AI applications. This shift is not solely driven by performance optimization but also by the paramount importance of data security. Data security […]

SaaS Asset and User Numbers are Exploding: Is SaaS Data Security Keeping Up?

[By Adam Gavish, CEO and Co-Founder DoControl]   Google Drive. Slack. Microsoft 365.   They’re the SaaS apps we use on a daily basis to keep our business workflows running smoothly, efficiently and… securely?  Maybe not. Yet.  DoControl’s recently released The State of SaaS Data Security 2024 report revealed a striking picture of ballooning SaaS asset […]

Securing Mobile Application Development: 9 Best Practices for Data Security

In today’s interconnected world, mobile applications play a pivotal role in our daily lives, facilitating everything from communication and entertainment to productivity and commerce. However, with the proliferation of mobile apps comes the heightened risk of data breaches and security vulnerabilities. Ensuring robust data security measures throughout the mobile application development process is essential to […]

Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Backup: Best Practices to Reliably Secure Your Data

Organizations in different industries rely on cloud backups to secure critical business data. In recent years, backup to the cloud has evolved into an easy, flexible and effective technology. The two most common cloud backup strategies are multi-cloud backup and hybrid cloud backup. However, backups on their own are not enough for data safety. In […]

Navigating Data Security Concerns in Cloud Migration: Strategies and Best Practices

In recent years, cloud migration has emerged as a pivotal strategy for organizations seeking to modernize their IT infrastructure, enhance scalability, and streamline operations. While the benefits of cloud adoption are undeniable, the process of transitioning sensitive data to the cloud raises significant security concerns. From data breaches to compliance issues, organizations must navigate a […]

Data Security concerns make US Cloud Companies impose ban on China AI Training

The Biden Administration, responding to requests from various think tanks, has implemented a ban on the utilization of resources from U.S. Cloud Companies by China for AI training purposes. This mirrors a similar move made by China under the leadership of Xi Jinping since October 2023. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo issued a formal statement, underscoring […]

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