India seeks hackers help to protect UIDAI Aadhaar Data of Citizens

Aadhaar is a unique identification number given to each citizen of India and is a replica of the social security number applicable to the American populace. The Indian government has assigned the duty to protect the Aadhaar data of its citizens to the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) which handles the implementation, association, and […]

Process to remove personal data from the Google Search Engine

Many might have been thinking of getting their personal information removed from the Google Search Engine. And most of you might not know the exact process of getting the data scrubbed from the internet…hmmm from Google Search on a specific note! Unlike previously, Google has now made it easy for online users to remove their […]

Google SMS and phone app, sending user data to remote servers

To all the millions of android users, here’s some news that needs your attention on an immediate note. According to a research conducted by Douglas Leith, a Computer Science Professor working at Trinity College of Dublin, Google Phone and Messages app have been sending data to Google servers without the consent of its users. “The […]

Hackers selling high-value targets in the United States

According to a study made by CrowdStrike, hackers are seen selling high-value targets from the United States for profits and the buyers on the dark web are preferring data related to targets from technology, government, and academics. Usually, such information selling takes place on the dark web in the initial days of every month and […]

Cloud usage by Public Sector to be seriously probed by European Data Protection Board

In coming weeks, the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) has decided to launch a serious probe into the use of cloud services by the public sector. Therefore, from May 2022 around 22 national authorities across the European Economic Area (EEA) will be asked to probe firms operating in/for healthcare, finance, tax, and IT services/ Highly […]

Russia acts swiftly to nab SkyFraud Credit Card Data stealing Cyber Criminals

Many might think that Russia is busy spitting havoc on Ukraine by launching a hybrid warfare that includes cyber attacks and fake bomb scares. But this is not the only thing the Putin led nation is capable of. In early last week, the Russian authorities announced a crackdown on SkyFraud website that helps cyber criminals […]

Washington State license information compromised in Cyber Attack

Washington State has revealed in a public statement issued yesterday that it is shutting down its Professional Online Licensing and Regulatory Information System(POLARIS) as it has detected a cyber attack that could have compromised driving license user details to hackers. As per the details available to our Cybersecurity Insiders, the accessed information might include social […]

Data sharing clause in GDPR may force Meta to shut down Facebook

European online users, you better be aware of the fact that any business found not operating as per the guidelines prescribed in GDPR could face a serious action of an operational ban in entire Europe. Therefore, as Facebook’s parent company Meta is facing difficulty in processing data on US servers, it is urging the nation […]

Insider Threat Alert as employees take data while leaving a Job

According to a recent survey conducted by email security providing firm Tessian, nearly one third of employees take data while leaving their job. And there is a high probability that the information can be used for various malevolent purposes. With COVID-19 pandemic ruining careers of many in 2021, workers are seen taking data with them […]

What data does Google store about you

It seems almost impossible to make Google stop tracking data about you. Yes, unless you stop using your smart phone and stop accessing any of the google services like the search engine, Maps, YouTube, Gmail via web and such. But we can delete the information tracked by the Alphabet Inc’s subsidiary. Want to know how? […]

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