Data privacy and security become most worrisome for AI adoption decision makers

Decision makers keen on integrating AI tools into their operations are expressing concern over data privacy and security. This sentiment extends to their cautious approach towards embracing generative AI, as revealed by a study conducted by Coleman Parkes Research, sponsored by SAS, a leading data analytics firm. Despite the allure of increased productivity promised by […]

Ransomware criminals target backups for assured ransom

In recent times, the importance of maintaining efficient data backups as a defense against ransomware attacks has been repeatedly emphasized by security experts and law enforcement agencies. However, what happens when even these backups fall victim to encryption or deletion? According to a report by Sophos, a prominent cybersecurity firm, a staggering 94% of organizations […]

Data security concerns with Chinese cars and Ban on mass data being imported to China

Data security concerns with Chinese and other nation cars The security of data in cars from China and other nations has become a focal point of concern, prompting action from the United States government. President Joe Biden has signed an executive order empowering federal agencies to investigate potential data risks associated with Chinese and other […]

Toshiba and Orange offer quantum secure data transmission with utmost security

Toshiba, the Japanese electronics giant, and Orange, a major telecom company, have unveiled breakthroughs in quantum secure data transmission. Their innovation shields information transmitted over fiber optic networks from cyber threats of all kinds. The advancement relies on Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) technology, enabling secure data transmission at speeds of 400 Gigabits over a 100-mile […]

Ransomware wiping out data on tape backups and malware hitting MYSQL Servers

Finland’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has issued a warning concerning a new wave of cyber threats, with hackers now deploying ransomware on Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliances and tape storage media, aiming to obliterate stored information. The Akira Ransomware group is suspected to be behind these attacks, having targeted approximately seven companies in December […]

Hackers promise to delete ransomware data for small fees

Hackers have ventured into a novel business tactic that pledges to delete data stolen by ransomware attackers, offering a dubious assurance to victims in exchange for a modest fee, typically ranging from 1-2 BTC. The modus operandi involves certain ransomware groups employing double extortion tactics: first, pilfering data from a targeted organization and subsequently encrypting […]

School student info proving valuable to hackers

Hackers have recently intensified their efforts to pilfer digital information pertaining to students, encompassing a wide array of sensitive data such as health records, attendance information, homework, grades, medical details, photos, disciplinary records, educational records, home communication information, assignments, and other assessment-related data. The value of these pilfered datasets can range from $10 to $120, […]

Sensitive data loss is due to lack of encryption

In an era where data is the lifeblood of businesses, safeguarding sensitive information has become paramount. Cybersecurity lapses have historically been a cause of data breaches, but a recent study sheds light on a new dimension of vulnerability – the lack of encryption. The Operationalizing Encryption and Key Management study, conducted by Fortanix Inc., reveals […]

China to lock down GPS data for security concerns

In contemporary times, it has become commonplace for applications to request user permission to access their geographical location. Some apps seek access only during use, while others request continuous access. China has recently taken a stringent approach towards applications seeking Global Positioning System (GPS) access. Concerned about the potential leakage of sensitive information to foreign […]

Microsoft to offer glass based storage tech that is ransomware proof

Microsoft is actively engaged in the development of a glass-based data storage medium slated for integration into its data centers that facilitate Azure Cloud services. This innovative ceramics-based storage solution is specifically designed for archival purposes and is touted to be impervious to ransomware attacks. In contrast to conventional SSD and Hard Disk drives, this […]

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