Chinese database hack reveals the grievances in Government surveillance

We all know that the government of China has decided to keep an eye on the whereabouts and the activities of each of its citizen in the name of surveillance being conducted for National Integrity. However, a recent hack conducted by a Dutch Cybersecurity specialist named Gevers says that the espionage activity has more to […]

Cyber Attack on Quora database affects 100 million users

Quora, the question and answer website from California has disclosed that a recent breach in its database could have leaked out critical info of more than 100 million users. This includes names, email addresses, encrypted passwords and data imported from linked networks. Quora’s Chief Executive Adam D’Angelo discloses the news to the world on a […]

Oracle CEO suggests preventive measures to prevent 95% of Database Cyber Attacks

As Oracle claims to gain a leadership position in the cloud security business, the company’s CEO Mark Hurd says that 95% of cyber attacks on databases can be prevented if the admins chose to patch the systems in a timely manner. While attending the Oracle Media Day event at the company headquarters Hurd revealed that […]

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