The Digital Future Needs Cybersecurity Leaders

We’re sure you have heard this before: the rate of technological change is accelerating. It is unpredictable and unprecedented. As the World Economic Forum acknowledges, the fourth industrial revolution brings “developments in previously disjointed fields such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, robotics, nanotechnology, 3D printing and genetics and biotechnology [that] are all building on […]

Banking frauds are rising as financial info is being stored digitally

Most Americans are having a habit of storing their ATM pins, bank account details and, to a certain extent, debit/credit card numbers on mobiles, computers and emails. And this is paving way to the rise in financial frauds says a survey conducted by MasterCard USA. A similar survey conducted by a firm Unisys claims that […]

Manual work is better than automated operations, suggests Kaseya Ransomware Attack

In this digital age, every company is interested in hiring new talent as it is more skilled to use the automated tools. Meaning those who are above 50 should either work for a very less pay or consider retirement…..isn’t it? But the Colonial Pipeline cyber attack that took place in May this year and the […]

Two cybersecurity hygiene actions to improve your digital life in 2021

This blog was written by an independent guest blogger. It is that time of year again where we start planning resolutions for the coming year. A good start is putting cybersecurity on the top of the list whether you are a business or individual. According to a University of Maryland study, Hackers attack every 39 seconds, […]

How to Build a Sustainable Digital Business in the Cloud

This post was originally published here by UpGuard. Technology and Information How much digital technology is required for your business to operate? Unless this document has traveled back in time, the chances are quite a lot. Now consider how much digital technology your vendors require to operate. The scope of technology grows quickly when you […]

All about Adylkuzz malware cyber attack!

While investigating the Wannacry Ransomware attack, researchers from cyber security firm Proofpoint discovered a new malware attack which has silently hijacked thousands of computers around the world including the United States. The news is out that the hackers not only succeeded in silently planting the malware in computer networks but their activity is said to […]

Vermont Law School beefs up its digital defense against all Cyber Threats

Authorities at the Vermont Law School have spent several weeks and lots of financial resources in order to beef up their digital defense systems against all cyber threats. A cyber attack launched on its database on March 17 of this year, made the law school officials to take up the said measures as a part […]

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