US NSA offers new security protocols for DNS Enterprise Environments

United States National Security Agency (NSA) is advising enterprise network admins to follow the new set of protocols to secure DNS servers that help eliminate eavesdropping, data exfiltration, and manipulation of web traffic. The new set of guidelines issued by NSA is said to help mobile & remote workers connecting to corporate servers securely and […]

DHS issues cyber threat alert for US Government websites and suspects Iran

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has issued a cyber threat alert for US government websites after it discovered a recent wave of DNS Hijacking attempts possible made by a government-funded hacking group from Iran. Readers of cybersecurity Insiders have to notify a fact over here that the cyber crooks on a recent note […]

Global Internet Shutdown to avoid future Cyber Attacks

A Global Internet Shutdown is said to be observed in the next two days due to a routine domain name server maintenance. And what’s interesting about this update is that it was first issued to the world by a reputed news source from Russia. Russia Today announced that some parts of the world might witness […]

Russia creates its own Domain Name System Internet

Russia which is being led by Vladimir Putin for the 4th time has announced that it has almost completed the creation of an alternative to “Domain Name System” AKA DNS. In technical terms, DNS is nothing but a phone book which converts numerical IP addresses into readable text like Facebook.com and Youtube.com. The implementation date […]


This post was originally published here by  Sqrrl Team. DNS traffic is the backbone of the internet. It performs essential function of resolving user requested URLs to the IP addresses hosting them. Without that the world-wide-web would not be able to work. Unfortunately, being so critical and ever-present it also provides cyber criminals with the […]

The Nuts and Bolts of Detecting DNS Tunneling

This post was originally published here. DNS-based attacks have been commonly used since the early 2000’s, but over 40% of firms still fall prey to DNS tunneling attacks. Tunneling attacks originate from uncommon vectors, so traditional automated tools like SIEMs have difficulty detecting them, but they also must be found in massive sets of DNS data, so […]

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