Cyber Attacks on Banks have doubled says UK Watchdog

Cyber Attacks on Banks have doubled in a year says the Financial Conduct Authority(FCA) the UK and that’s due to the sheer neglect of bankers. Yes, you’ve read it right! The FCA of UK says that some overconfident bankers are making silly errors in crucial computer updates leading to chaos and money loss. Furthermore, as […]

Tesco Cyber Attack faces £ 30 million fine from UK Financial Watchdog

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), well known as UK’s Financial Watchdog is all set to impose a £ 30 million fine on Tesco for Cyber Attack. Readers of Cybersecurity Insiders have to notify a fact over here that Tesco Bank became a victim of Cyber Attack in November 2016 and reimbursed £ 2.5 million as […]

Cyber Attack on at least one bank a week!

According to the latest survey conducted by UK’s city watchdog The Financial Conduct Authority, cyber hackers are targeting at least one bank in a week from 2016, compared to five in 2014. And the watchdog adds in its report that most attacks go unnoticed, as banks try to cover up the issue in an attempt […]

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