Food Manufacturing firms pay the least heed to Cybersecurity hygiene

Specops, a UK Based Password Management solution vendor has come up with a report that Food Manufacturing and Hospitality companies pay the least heed to Cybersecurity hygiene making their businesses vulnerable to hacks and malware attacks. This was confirmed after the company took some government figures into account and concluded that on average such firms […]

FBI seizes firms offering Cyber Attacks-on-Demand

US Department of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has announced that it has seized over 15 internet domains and has charged around 14 men associated with firms that offer cyber attacks-on-demand. The law enforcement agency has added in its statement that the firms were found indulging in malicious practices such as spreading malware and launching […]

CEE Countries are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Central and Eastern Europe Countries(CEE) are said to be vulnerable to cyber attacks says a report compiled by an international law firm CMS. The report also stresses the fact that the political parties ruling in the countries are to be blamed for the failure as they still do not have regulatory actions in place. The […]

China launches Cyber Attacks on Australian firms

China is reported to have launched repeated cyber attacks on firms operating in Australia which is a clear-cut breach of the bilateral agreement made by the two countries to not steal commercial secrets of each other. This news was disclosed to the world after the discovery of the facts in an investigation launched by Fairfax […]

Only 38% of UK firms are covered by Cyber Security Insurance

A survey conducted by Ovum on behalf of FICO Insurance claims that only 38% of firms in the United Kingdom have a cybersecurity insurance cover and rest of the 62% either have no coverage or doesn’t have a cover engrossing all risks. This discovery was made in a survey based on numerous interviews with senior […]

Cyber Threat Alert-20% Healthcare organizations in UK and US are still using Windows XP

A survey conducted by Infoblox has confirmed that more than 20% of healthcare organizations in US and UK are still using legacy operating systems such as Windows XP making them “Super” vulnerable to cyber threats such as ransomware attacks. Infoblox survey which included more than 300 IT professionals in its poll has concluded that only […]

Hackers Cyber Attack 60% of Scottish Firms!

Scotsman investigation has recently revealed that hackers have cyber attacked more than 60% of Scottish firms since 2014, and this includes nine Scotland’s health boards. The investigation made by the media giant confirmed that in the past three years nine universities and numerous government bodies were targeted by hackers with malware which includes ransomware. Freedom […]

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