Intel ZombieLoad vulnerability might expose sensitive data like passwords to hackers

Intel has made an official announcement that all those processors manufactured by the company after 2011 are now vulnerable to ZombieLoad flaw which can expose sensitive data like passwords to hackers- similar to the ones seen in Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities. As per the security analysts, ZombieLoad flaw is critical and operates by exploiting design […]

Microsoft patches Internet Explorer Vulnerability to avoid Cyber Attacks on Windows PCs

Microsoft has issued a patch to its Internet Explorer(IE) and has urged all its Windows Operating system users to security update their browsers as soon as possible. The fix was released on an urgent note by the Redmond Giant as the vulnerability has been actively exploited by hackers at the international level. The software giant […]

Kubernetes Cloud Security is vulnerable to hackers

Security researchers have recently found out that Kubernetes cloud platforms have a big security bug which offers hackers the privilege to access the software applications running on the nodes. Note- Kubernetes is a software intuitive tool which offers easy management access to large numbers of containers similar to virtual machines running on multiple operating systems […]

Instagram user passwords exposed due to Security Flaw

Instagram, the photo and video sharing social networking website owned by Facebook is in news this week for all wrong reasons. Reports are out that a large portion of user passwords from the 268 million user base was leaked to the dark web recently due to a security flaw. Instagram’s ‘Download Your Data’ tool is […]

Facebook’s new vulnerability leaks sensitive details of its users

Imperva, a California based security software provider has discovered a new vulnerable on Facebook’s platform which could leak sensitive details of its users such as likes, posts, and interest. However, the good news is that the social media giant has patched up the bug causing further embarrassment to the Mark Zuckerberg led company which is […]

Over 50 million account info leaked in Facebook Cyber Attack

Facebook shared a blog post today which says that it’s “View As” feature had the potential to allow hackers to take over Facebook accounts. And the flaw could have compromised information of more than 50 million accounts info to hackers. The social media giant has however declared that the discovered flaw was fixed and its […]

DHS issues security alert against US Mobile Carriers

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has issued a warning that the phones sold by popular US telecom carriers are deeply flawed and could unknowingly expose sensitive data to hackers. This includes those running Android and a few iOS devices- which strictly indicate that those from the Apple iPhone series are also flawed. A research […]

WhatsApp users should be aware of this Cyber Security Vulnerability

All those who are using WhatsApp, you better be aware of this new cybersecurity threat related to WhatsApp. It’s said that a bug in the said messaging app allows hackers to infiltrate into their WhatsApp app and send messages and group chats to near and dear ones without your knowledge. And if this flaw can […]

Americans cellular networks are under surveillance of Nefarious Actors

Federal authorities have issued a mobile security alert to Americans using US cellular networks. The alert states that cell phone using populace in America is being tracked and all their calls, texts and data streams are being spied by some Nefarious Actors. The same privacy risk to Americans was acknowledged by the federal authorities in […]

Google offers Retpoline fix to Intel Spectre Processor flaw!

Web Search Giant Google has announced to the world yesterday that it has developed a fix for the second variant of Spectre flaw found in Intel Processors. The internet juggernaut further claims that its fix will never affect the performance of the silicon chips when implemented. In December last year, Intel and its technology partners […]

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