Eight 8 WhatsApp message links that you should never click on

Staying active on social media is a popular trend, and WhatsApp is one of the prominent platforms facilitating connections with both businesses and loved ones. However, security experts warn that, like any online service, this Facebook-owned subsidiary is susceptible to nefarious activities that can compromise users’ bank accounts and reputation. To safeguard WhatsApp users from […]

Gamers playing with real money should be wary of scammers.

Are you one of those who play games by investing real money to earn double or triple the amount in return? If yes, then you should be wary of scammers who are indulging in various kinds of gaming frauds. Account switching, account takeover, fake identity and promo abuse, money laundering, phishing scams, and fake websites […]

Banking frauds are rising as financial info is being stored digitally

Most Americans are having a habit of storing their ATM pins, bank account details and, to a certain extent, debit/credit card numbers on mobiles, computers and emails. And this is paving way to the rise in financial frauds says a survey conducted by MasterCard USA. A similar survey conducted by a firm Unisys claims that […]

These celebrities are spreading malware

Everyone who is reading this post might have googled a celebrity at one time or another. The reason for the search could be your curiosity to know their dating or marital status or to know the details about their next upcoming album or film. But criminals are found using famous names to attract innocent online […]

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