MWC Barcelona 2021 – Highlights from the biggest mobile trade show

One of the most important dates any mobile enthusiast will have marked on their calendar is the annual occurrence of MWC Barcelona (Mobile World Congress). This is where many of the year’s most exciting upcoming releases of handsets are often announced – alongside tablets, wearables, and other innovative technology. While last year’s event sadly had […]

MWC 2021: Three key Thales innovations at this year’s event

After a year of working from home for many people and, some of our industry’s landmark events being postponed due to the pandemic, it was an absolute pleasure to be back in person at Mobile World Congress (MWC 2021). While this year’s event has been understandably more limited due to ongoing restrictions designed to keep […]

How can predictive analysis unlock the potential of 5G?

The discussion around the key benefits of 5G is nothing new. Whether it’s the hyper-fast download speeds, low latency or its ability to unlock the full potential of smart technology, we have all come to understand what we can expect from the next generation of mobile connectivity. However, there is one aspect of the 5G […]

Your top five questions on biometric bank cards answered

As we stated in a previous blog, biometric bank cards are a strong trend defining the future of payments. Whether it’s the enhanced security, the sleek and simple customer experience or the smooth enrolment process, biometric bank cards will soon set the precedent of what the payment process should look like. However, as a relatively […]

‘Numberless’ bank cards could be the future: here’s why

In the last few years, the EMV payment card has become increasingly popular and familiar to us all. This is, in part, due to innovations such as contactless communications, different card bodies (such as metal or repurposed ocean plastic) and biometric fingerprint authentication. Today around 3 billion cards are issued every year and the total […]

How can Digital First banking benefit financial institutions?

The benefits of Digital First banking for the consumer are clear. Whether it’s both physical and digital card issuance, real-time card management or secure, hassle-free online payments, the services on offer to consumers when it comes to Digital First banking are almost endless. With these digital features comes increased convenience and instantaneity, the core principles […]

Why digital issuance is the perfect recipe for modern financial services

While instant card issuance has become a common service for many banks, digital issuance, where banks can issue card credentials directly to a customer’s mobile wallet, looms as the next development to revolutionise the way consumers interact with their financial services provider.  However, while this innovation seems to only apply to the issuing of digital cards, digital issuance, in combination with a bank’s mobile app, has the potential […]

Six existential threats posed by the future of 5G (Part Two)

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it explicitly clear to many of us just how important connectivity is in our daily lives. With the introduction of lockdowns across the globe, our reliance on internet networks to work remotely, call relatives across seas, or even to take part in leisure activities via a screen has soared. As […]

How a man used a fake finger to trick his smartphone biometrics

Chances are you’ve seen a Hollywood film where criminals manage to access biometric security systems using basic spoof attacks such as gelatin-made fingerprints and fake irises. For example, in Minority Report, Tom Cruise’s character Anderson gets an eye transplant so that he can’t be identified by the citywide optical recognition system. But what’s even more […]

How Digital First will revolutionise the customer EMV card issuance journey

While you may never have stopped to consider it, the nature of EMV banking cards has had a fundamental impact on the way we make payments over the past decades. From providing your signature after every payment to chip and pin, to mobile wallet and contactless transactions, the way we purchase goods and services is […]

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