UK to save Lithuania and Georgia from Russian Cyber Attacks

UK has taken an initiative to protect Lithuania and Georgia from Russian cyber attacks. The response stands firm against the pledge taken by a pro-Russian group dubbed Killnet to take down countries that are against the war between Russia with Ukraine. For the past 10 days, Lithuania is facing digital assaults by Russian hackers and […]

Russia criticizes Canada for Cyber Attacks on Georgia

Russia has sharply criticized Canada for blaming Moscow for launching Cyber Attacks on Georgia in 2019. The word comes just after the United States allegedly blamed Kremlin last week for launching cyberattacks on the websites of Georgia and Ottawa joining the blame game.   Cybersecurity Insiders readers have to notify a fact over here that […]

Google trending Cyber Attack news headlines

Firstly, it is the US Department of Defense which is topping the headlines when it comes to cyber-attacks. News is out that the systems related to Defense Information Systems Agency(DISA) affiliated to DoD have been hacked the incident reportedly exposed personal data of more than 200,000 people. DISA is the agency that looks into the […]

Over 2K of Media, Government and TV station websites hacked in Georgia

More than 2,000 websites are reported to be hacked in Georgia in a massive cyberattack launched late yesterday. And security analysts suggest that it was a sophisticated attack made on web hosting provider Pro-Service which led to the disruption. Highly placed sources say that the shutdown websites include those related to government agencies, Media and […]

Ransomware news of the day

1.) Computers in the city of Greenville are said to be still reigning under the cyber attack which took place last Wednesday. And Greenville city’s spokesperson Brock Letchworth said that the IT staff are now not in a position to assure a timeline for the recovery of servers. FBI personnel have been pressed into service […]

Ransomware attack exposes data of 16K patients from Georgia health center

A Ransomware attack launched on the database of Mind and Motion Developmental Center in Georgia is said to have exposed over 16,000 patient records. A spokesperson from the healthcare said that the attack was discovered on Sept 30 this year but was made public only after a preliminary investigation was conducted and results were obtained. […]

Ransomware attack news on Dawson County and Ukraine Energy Ministry

Georgia’s Dawson County Government computers were disrupted on April 23, 2018, due to a ransomware attack and law enforcement has been pressed into service to assess the situation. The news was made official by the county’s IT analyst Will Shattuck who added that the board members were working on gauging the potential damage and will […]

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