UK to save Lithuania and Georgia from Russian Cyber Attacks


UK has taken an initiative to protect Lithuania and Georgia from Russian cyber attacks. The response stands firm against the pledge taken by a pro-Russian group dubbed Killnet to take down countries that are against the war between Russia with Ukraine.

For the past 10 days, Lithuania is facing digital assaults by Russian hackers and the threat seems to lurk in the whole of the critical infrastructure operating in the Baltic state, including the tax service systems.

Reports are in that nations like Norway and Georgia are also experiencing distributed denial of service(DDoS) attacks from pro-Russian groups who want the leaders of the region to support the Kremlin in defeating Kyiv to the core.

Britain has assured that it will lead the front by offering cyber security support to all institutions that are part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, i.e. NATO.

As people and infrastructure are taking the grind of Russian aggression, sovereign institutions will be groomed well to improve their cyber capabilities said, Boris Johnson.

NOTE 1- Over the past few days, Russia seems to have increased its war capabilities on Ukraine as to conclude its war with the Volodymyr Zelenskyy-led a nation in its stride. There is a high probability that Russia might also try its best to hit the west with digital assaults in retaliation for the sanctions pressed by Joe Biden.

NOTE 2- On Friday last week, Kremlin imposed a ban on the entry of Joe Biden’s wife and daughter into Russia, forever.


Naveen Goud
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