Google MFA and its security deal with Crowdstrike

On the occasion of World Password Day on May 6th, 2021, Google announced it intends to roll out 2 step verification (2SV) to all its users in coming days to strengthen the trust of its users for mobile security. Therefore, to all the users whose accounts have been properly configured, the 2SV feature will be […]

Google Chrome tweaks data privacy with FLoC technology

Google Chrome seems to have taken data privacy seriously as it is ditching its usual cookies technology to be replace it by FloC technology. The technology has already been rolled to some chrome users (say 0.5%) from the first week of April this year and news is out that the services were offered to every […]

Google offers Cybersecurity training for 2022 Midterm elections

Google has released an official announcement early this week stating to offer Cybersecurity training to state lawmakers, and their staff in entire North America from mid this month. The training will help in better preparing the staff in mitigating the cyber threats that might target the 2022 midterm elections. Dubbed as Cybersecurity for State leaders, […]

Beware of this malicious Android system update

Cybersecurity firm Zimperium has uncovered a latest mobile security threat as a critical system update that is actually a sophisticated malware that steals data and conduct espionage on targeted smart phones. Zimperium zLabs says that the malware has capability of sending images, videos, contacts, messages and documents from the targeted device to remote servers and […]

Smart phones that get Android security updates at the earliest

Every month, a bunch of security flaws are found on Android phones, and Google mostly offers patches to such flaws at the earliest. So, to those who want to purchase or buy an Android loaded device based on the word that they get the security fixes at the earliest, here’s a list that gives a […]

Ransomware news trending on Google

Allergy Partners, that offers high end healthcare services to patients infected with asthma and allergic diseases, has fallen prey to ransomware attack that is being investigated by FBI. Highly placed sources say that the cyber incident took place on February 23rd,2021 and the hackers are demanding $1.75 million as ransom to free up the database […]

Cyber Threat warning to never search for these things on Google

Whether you are using a mobile phone or a laptop for your online search needs, security experts are recommending not to indulge in such activity without weighing the pros and cons on a proper note. While it is easy to gain knowledge about everything on Google these days, there is a high chance that the […]

Google puts more focus on mobile security in Android 12

Google seems to have taken mobile security and data privacy on a serious note, as it is clear in its latest preview of its Android 12 Operating System. Introducing to the world the new mobile operating system, Dave Burke, the Vice President of Engineering working for the Alphabet subsidiary stated that the new OS will […]

Google collects the following data from its users

All these days we have seen many media speculations that Google collects some personalized data of its users for advertising and development purposes. But there was no official announcement from the Alphabet Inc’s subsidiary on the issue. On Wednesday, Google made an official announcement on the data collection it does and is as follows- Google […]

Google Android to simplify mobile security with Enterprise Essentials

Most Small and Medium Scale Businesses(SMBs) are finding it difficult to manage a fleet of mobile devices, especially when half of their workforce is remotely working. So, in such situations, it becomes extremely tedious for administrators to manage the fleet. This is where Google is offering Android based Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) tools to break […]

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