Google workspace to use AI for Data Security

Google has recently announced a significant upgrade to its Workspace platform, integrating cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to enhance meetings and bolster data security. With this advancement, Gemini, Google’s AI-powered assistant, is set to revolutionize the experiences of over 3 billion users, offering seamless support for their daily tasks and video content creation. One of […]

Google new Password Manager raises security concerns

Google, the pioneering service that originated with Gmail and marked its 20th anniversary on April 1st, 2024, has unveiled a new feature named ‘Password Manager.’ This service allows users to seamlessly transfer their passwords from their mobile devices to other devices or online login accounts. While this new feature offers undeniable convenience, experts are sounding […]

Russia bans Microsoft followed by Amazon and Google

Russia implemented a sweeping ban on Microsoft Cloud services on March 20th, with plans to extend the prohibition to Google and Amazon web services in the coming weeks. While security analysts cite national security concerns as the primary motive, trade experts suggest it’s a retaliatory measure against sanctions imposed on the country on December 18, […]

Google Chrome now offers phishing and malware protection

For those prioritizing a secure browsing experience, here’s some promising news: Google has announced that Chrome users utilizing the safe browsing mode will now receive automated protection against phishing, malware, and malicious sites. Google, renowned for its commitment to user security and privacy, has introduced this enhancement to ensure that Chrome Browser users can navigate […]

Google opens first ever Cyberdefense hub in Japan

Amid escalating Chinese cyber attacks targeting government infrastructure globally, Google has inaugurated its inaugural Asia-Pacific Cyberdefense center in Tokyo, Japan. This hub is poised to serve as a pivotal nexus for information exchange and research collaboration among businesses, governmental entities, and academic institutions in Japan. It aims to offer periodic training modules designed to empower […]

Interesting cybersecurity news headlines trending on Google

DDoS Attack via Compromised Smart Toothbrushes Disrupts Swiss Company’s Network A Swiss company recently faced a significant setback due to a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack orchestrated through compromised smart toothbrushes. With over 3 million devices affected, the attack resulted in millions of Euros in losses for the company. The smart toothbrushes, operating on […]

Google malware exploit allows hackers to access accounts without passwords

Accessing an online account typically requires a username and password, but cybersecurity researchers at CloudSEK have uncovered a disturbing trend where hackers can gain unauthorized entry into Google accounts without the need for a password. This illicit method exploits malware, and although it was initially disclosed in October 2023 on a Telegram Channel, it has […]

Google Play Protect, its Chrome $5 billion lawsuit and replacing 30K jobs with AI

Google, the ubiquitous web search giant deeply ingrained in our daily lives, has unveiled plans to usher in a new era by replacing over 30,000 jobs with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. This strategic move aims to enhance operational efficiency and improve customer service on a global scale. Anticipated to roll out by November 2024, this […]

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