Compromised cloud accounts leading to Cryptocurrency mining

Google, the business subsidiary of tech giant Alphabet Inc, has released a report saying that the compromised cloud accounts were leading hackers to mine cryptocurrency that could prove as a double threat to customers. In its report titled “Threat Horizon”, Google’s team of security specialists claim hackers were compromising cloud accounts used by customers for […]

Google alerts over 50k users about State funded Cyber Attacks

Google, the business subsidiary of tech giant Alphabet Inc has released a security statement that reveals that over 50,000 users were warned about state funded attacks in this year 2021, so far. Ajax Bash, the Security Engineer of Google Threat Analysis Group (TAG) endorsed the statement and attributed a large global campaign to a group […]

Over 80 million ransomware samples analyzed by Google

Google has announced that it has carried out a study on over 80 million ransomware samples, out of which Israel submitted most. However, the fact is that the internet juggernaut commissioned Cybersecurity company VirusTotal for this project, which recruited a team of experts to analyze the submitted file encrypting malware samples that targeted individuals, government […]

Google announces perks for developers to prevent major vulnerabilities

Google has started a new initiative that will be in lines with its current bug bounty program. The internet juggernaut will announce a fund backup to developers who help identify vulnerabilities in its Secure Open Source(SOS) program. The aim of this initiative will be to proactively control or weed out any flaws that could help […]

Google Play hosts malware that offers click baits to users

Google Play Store, a platform where android smart phone users can shop for apps, has hit the headlines for all wrong reasons. According to a research carried out by Mobile security firm ZIMPERIUM, scammers targeted over 2.5 billion Google Android phone users last years to make millions through click-bait scams. Cybersecurity Insiders has learnt that […]

Google hits its own headlines because of privacy issues

Google, the internet juggernaut, is hitting its own news headlines for reasons related to privacy and its newly developed digital advertising system. The California based web search giant is facing a legal trouble with a privacy movement started by Open Web that claims that the tech giant’s new ad policy will restrict open web competition […]

Google wants you to follow these cybersecurity basics

As the world is turning completely digital, the need to be connected to the internet has become a necessity to everyone, rather than just a trend. However, not all seem to be merry for staying connected to the web 24×7. As hackers and cyber crooks are always on a prowl of vulnerable of those who […]

All old Android phones to get the latest mobile security update from Google

Google has announced that it will roll out an additional security feature to all the smart phone devices operating on the Android 6 OS version and above in coming days. Yes, the company has rolled out a special privacy protection feature to all its devices that could block malware and malicious ad trackers from accessing […]

Insider Threat to Google as it fires 36 employees in 2020

Well, this is indeed an interesting news piece to all those who are interested in Information Security. A leaked internal document of Google that was accessed & disclosed by, a tech subsidiary of Motherboard Tech, states that the internet juggernaut fired 36 employees in 2020 for fraudulently accessing Google user or employee data. Insider […]

United States to use Amazon, Google and Microsoft to bolster security against Ransomware Attacks

As more and more companies are becoming soft targets for ransomware spreading gangs, United States is all set to knock the doors of big technology companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft to offer protecting collaboratively. Named as Joint Cyber Defense Collaboration, the initiative will allow the Department of Homeland Security to officially seek help from […]

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