Google find my device helps secure your information stored on the phone to the core

Recently, many Android phone users may have received emails about the activation and use of the ‘Find My Device’ feature. For those unfamiliar with this development, here’s a summary to safeguard the information stored on your phone in case of phone theft or misplaced. Smartphones have become indispensable in our daily lives. Whether for ordering […]

Microsoft and Google pledge to offer cybersecurity support to Rural Hospitals

In rural healthcare settings, the IT infrastructure often lags behind due to various challenges such as limited budgets, political constraints, and insufficient awareness. This vulnerability leaves hospitals susceptible to cyber-attacks, prompting governments to push for stronger defenses before it’s too late. Tech giants like Microsoft and Google are stepping in to support rural healthcare providers […]

Safeguarding the Fortress: Google’s Battle Against Cyber Attacks

In an era where digital dominance reigns supreme, tech giants like Google stand as pillars of innovation and progress. However, with great power comes great vulnerability, as these companies often find themselves at the forefront of cyber warfare. As the custodian of vast amounts of sensitive data, Google has become a prime target for cyber-attacks, […]

Ransomware attack on NHS and Google Data Breach 2024 details

Ransomware attack on NHS in May 2024 A recent ransomware attack on a key technology service provider has caused significant disruptions in several major hospitals across London, rendering medical staff unable to access crucial pathology and other medical IT services. The attack targeted a company called ‘Synnovis,’ resulting in numerous NHS hospitals losing access to […]

Google Android to lock screen of stolen smart phones with AI

Google is gearing up to introduce a groundbreaking feature aimed at enhancing smartphone security through the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its upcoming Android 15 operating system. The tech giant, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., is poised to unveil the ‘Theft Detection Lock’ safety feature, designed to thwart mobile device theft and fraud. Leveraging […]

Microsoft issues cyber threat alert to Google on Vulnerable Mobile Apps

Microsoft Security Analysis team recently alerted Google’s Android Security Research teams to a critical issue potentially affecting billions of Android app users. This vulnerability could lead to various cyber threats, including token thefts, code execution attacks, and other common security risks. Responding swiftly to the alert, Google promptly released new guidelines for Android app developers […]

Google blocks millions of apps from Playstore for Mobile Security

In our daily news feed, stories abound of mobile applications collecting sensitive user data and transmitting it to remote servers, often for analysis or targeted advertising purposes. However, a significant shift is on the horizon, as Google, the behemoth of web search, is leveraging AI technology to crackdown on apps that violate its privacy policies […]

Google workspace to use AI for Data Security

Google has recently announced a significant upgrade to its Workspace platform, integrating cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to enhance meetings and bolster data security. With this advancement, Gemini, Google’s AI-powered assistant, is set to revolutionize the experiences of over 3 billion users, offering seamless support for their daily tasks and video content creation. One of […]

Google new Password Manager raises security concerns

Google, the pioneering service that originated with Gmail and marked its 20th anniversary on April 1st, 2024, has unveiled a new feature named ‘Password Manager.’ This service allows users to seamlessly transfer their passwords from their mobile devices to other devices or online login accounts. While this new feature offers undeniable convenience, experts are sounding […]

Russia bans Microsoft followed by Amazon and Google

Russia implemented a sweeping ban on Microsoft Cloud services on March 20th, with plans to extend the prohibition to Google and Amazon web services in the coming weeks. While security analysts cite national security concerns as the primary motive, trade experts suggest it’s a retaliatory measure against sanctions imposed on the country on December 18, […]

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