US to stop GPS data communication from Foreign Satellites

After weeks of diligent examination into potential cyber threats posed by foreign satellites manipulating GPS signals to U.S. mobile devices, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is now urging the White House to enact a permanent ban on such interference. Since July 2023, the FCC has fielded approximately seven complaints expressing apprehension that Russian and Chinese […]

China to lock down GPS data for security concerns

In contemporary times, it has become commonplace for applications to request user permission to access their geographical location. Some apps seek access only during use, while others request continuous access. China has recently taken a stringent approach towards applications seeking Global Positioning System (GPS) access. Concerned about the potential leakage of sensitive information to foreign […]

Airlines navigation systems and electric grids are vulnerable to GPS Y2K bug

Information Security experts say that a computer calendar error similar to Y2K can bring down the GPS systems assisting the airlines and power grids on/after April 6th this year. Speaking at the RSA 2019 Security Conference being hosted at San Francisco, a security expert said that a Y2K error code meant for legacy GPS systems […]

Over 50,000 ships are vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Cybersecurity Experts say that the ship’s navigational system is easy to intercept giving hackers an incredible opportunity to change the course of a cruise or a superyacht. And the news comes just a few months after researchers have proved that the GPS system of a cruise or a boat can be altered to get them […]

Google spies on you online and in the real world

Are you using an internet combo (calls+ internet) provided by your telecommunication service provider? Then you are being watched by Google which records your every move online as well as in the real world. Even if you do not use such services on your smartphone, then remember that your smart phone’s WiFi connectivity will open […]

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