What do CISOs need to know about API security in 2024?

[By Andy Grolnick, CEO, Graylog] In the past couple of years, there has been explosive growth in API usage as API-related solutions have enabled seamless connectivity and interoperability between systems. From facilitating data exchange to cross-platform functionality, companies with an API-first approach have more performant financial outcomes. According to Postman’s 2023 State of the API Report, […]

If your business is not vulnerable to API security risks, then you are not paying attention.

By Andy Grolnik, CEO, Graylog As more modern organizations build out their digital footprint, application programming interface (API) security will become a critical element of safeguarding in an increasingly connected applications environment. However, as these businesses connect to a growing number of applications and systems to facilitate the exchange of data, the greater the vulnerabilities […]

Reshaping the API Security Landscape: Graylog Acquires Resurface

In the world of cybersecurity, change is the only constant. This reality is once again affirmed in a recent interview with Andy Grolnick, the CEO of Graylog, a leading SIEM and log management solutions provider, who has shared some exciting news regarding the future of API security. Andy, who has been at the forefront of […]

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