Hancock Memorial Hospital

City of Farmington recovers from SamSam Ransomware Attack!

Farmington City, located in San Juan County in US State of New Mexico is said to have recovered from the SamSam Ransomware attack which struck on January 3rd,2018. However, according to the disclosure made by the US law enforcement FBI on Friday, the recovery is partial and is expected to take complete form by this […]

Adams Memorial Hospital suffers a Ransomware Attack

Adams Memorial Hospital has admitted that few of its servers were attacked by hackers with ransomware on January 11th this year. Ransomware is nothing but a kind of malware which encrypts all the data in the database and offers access only when a ransom is paid to the hackers or ransomware spreaders. The healthcare which […]

Hancock Memorial Hospital becomes a victim of Ransomware Attack

Hancock Regional Hospital located in Hancock County, Indiana has become the latest victim of SamSam Ransomware attack. The healthcare services provider announced on Sunday that a group of hackers has shut down their computer network by encrypting the database and are demanding a sum of $55,000 worth of cryptocurrency to decrypt the database. As of […]

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