Healthcare providers prefer paying ransom in ransomware attacks

Healthcare providers are opting to pay a ransom in the event of ransomware attacks, instead of recovering it from data backups. The reason is as it is easy and guarantees 100% encrypted data return- Of course, as per their perspective! According to the data released by Sophos that was also commissioned by global market research […]

Wiper malware threat to the healthcare sector in US and Ukraine

Microsoft has issued a serious warning to companies serving the healthcare sector in the United States and Ukraine. And the alert is related to a wiper malware that has the potential to disrupt the IT infrastructure on an entire network. John Riggi, the National Advisor for Cybersecurity at the American Hospital Association, said that the […]

Ransomware attack on US Fertility Clinic exposes patient data

A ransomware attack reportedly exposed files related to a US Fertility Clinic in April this year and news are now out that the victim managed to recover its data from the threat actor and has taken assurance from the malware spreading gang that the accessed information was deleted permanently from their servers after successful negotiations. […]


This post was originally published by  (ISC)² Management. Security Without Regulatory Muscle As a security practitioner, you may have worked in an industry that was not affected by any regulatory authority. There was a time when security was not driven by governmental power. In many cases, this is why security did not exist in smaller […]


This post was originally published by (ISC)² Management . A Day in the Life Cybersecurity remains one of the most exciting technology jobs and one of the top sought-after positions by many technology professionals. It is also one of the most difficult positions for an employer to fill. Why is this the case? When you think […]

39% of Healthcare Organizations Suffered Ransomware Attacks in the Cloud in 2020

As a result of a cloud breach, one in four healthcare organization was fined for non-compliance and 1 in 10 was sued, Netwrix study finds.  IRVINE, Calif., February 24, 2021 – Netwrix, a cybersecurity vendor that makes data security easy, today announced findings for the healthcare sector from its global 2021 Netwrix Cloud Data Security Report.   The survey found that […]

The Healthcare Breach Report: Hacking and IT Incidents on the Rise

This post was originally published by Will Houcheime. The vast majority of healthcare organizations utilize and store highly sensitive data, such as protected health information (PHI) and personal data such Social Security numbers, personal financial data, and more. For our annual Healthcare Breach Report, we analyzed data from the US Department of Health and Human Services’ “Wall of Shame” to […]

Over 560 US healthcare companies hit by ransomware in 2020

In a research carried out by Emsisoft on ransomware, it was reported that the year 2020 witnessed over 560 US healthcare companies being hit by the said malware variant causing EHR downtime- like digital disruptions leading to deaths caused because of ambulance diversion, inaccessible lab tests and such. The report includes the fact that there […]

Cyber Attacks on healthcare sector increased by 45% across the globe

Security researchers from Check Point have discovered in their research that an increase in cyber attacks has been witnessed on Healthcare related organizations by 45% and the surge in figures has been witnessed since Nov’2020. Thus, it clearly suggests that organizations and businesses serving the healthcare sector are at the top of the target list […]

Tips to help healthcare service providers keep ransomware at bay

As more and more healthcare providers are been targeted with ransomware, those operating hospitals, clinics and other healthcare related services are worried on how to keep their networks safe from ransomware attacks. Security researchers from Cisco Talos are offering few points on this issue, and that when followed will surely keep the file encrypting malware […]

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